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coolcut4 steel shavette

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My first shavette, been using this for almost 1 month now.
Still happy with it.

Weight is good, coming in at an arm pleasing 55grams (approx 2oz).... not so light as it feels like a toy, but not so heavy you fight for full control during the tricky bits (ATG on neck for example).
The overall look is a minimal clean, almost surgical appearence that may upset the expectations of someone wanting a more "traditional" look.... butr personally I like that a lot.

On the subject of toys, it may feel a little on the petite size for some people.
The blade lock system is VERY secure, but feels kind of fiddly.

However, despite the gripes, a good basic half DE based shavette with a fairly quick learning/adjustment curve for the novice.

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Pros: good weight & balanance, modern looking shavette, good soild blade lock
Cons: slightly on the small side for some, blade lock feels a bit fiddly sometimes
Good basic starter shavette, for those not wanting (or having the money) to splurge out on a "real" straight, strop and honing system just to avoid the extortion of the over-rated cartridge blade razors we all know and resent paying for....

price 9 - 11USD (approx 7GBP) with 5 blades and a quite nicely made faux-leather case made out of steel with a nice "surgical titanium" like burnish to it?.... That for me is good value.

craftmanship 7 - a few little design flaws, the tail could be a bit longer... but it's overall balance and feel are none too shabby.

Sharpening ease 6 - the blade lock is solid, but lacks the ease of others I have seen within the same price range.

Lasting Edge 1 - depends entirely upon with DE or SE blade you insert

Shaving Smoothness 7 - for this read handling. It won't be a ill-blanced fight to not get scrapped or cut... but again, some may find the tiny tail and overall size a bit of an issue.

Easy to maintain 8 - it's steel, so it is going to rust... however both rivets and pivots are brass, so as long as you make sure it's kept dry between shaves... this should be just fine.
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Lasting Edge
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Easy to Sharpen
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Easy to Maintain
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Shaving Smoothness
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