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Japanese Stainless Steel Folding Razor

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Got this today, after much looking aroud for references on the internets for it.... very hard to find one, aside from amazon reviews.
Well, having just finished using this after 3 days of stubble growth, I can honestly state that I am very pleased with it.
It's quite a light little thing (just around the 30g mark - almost 20g less than my other shavette). However, this means that it is quite a manoeuvrable blade. Construction is not flashy, it's not going to turn heads with it's distinctive looks. However, it is pure stainless steel, is very well balanced and is notably cheaper than any of the Dovo shavettes (which it is obviously an emulator of).
Now onto the shave itself; where this blade has the lead over many other shavettes is the blade size. This is a good 50% more than a DE blade length, which allows the shaver to remove more in one stroke. The other advantage, is due to the extra length is you can get a much more even pressure on it when using a full stroke... Meaning it is much more forgiving in use.
So, why not five stars?
Well, there are some issues... Which at the price point many may find a little petty.
firstly, the overall feel of it could be improved with a bit more heft to it. In some areas, I felt that the weight wasn't enough to cut on it's own so I got into the habit of resting my 1st finger on the shaft and giving it a little more pressure... Which of course lead to me getting a few nicks and cuts. However, it should be taken into account that my other shavette is a good 20g more so it could sensibly be argued that a modification of my technique may well be on the cards.
The other niggle is that it doesn't take standard DE blades, although I have looked around on-line and it seems that they fairly easy to obtain from various sources a little bit of clicking and digging proved fruitful.
Also, the mould quality of the plastic blade holder seemed a bit on the "Christmas cracker toy" side of things... However, this point has been raised in some reviews of the Dovo shavettes which weight in at twice the price.
So, to sum it all up for the TL;DR brigade - it is a good shavette, I would recommend it to those looking for a bit "more" than their usual shave of choice. It is not a full straight experience, but for some the longer blades and low maintainence is going to give it the edge (rubbish pun intended). Especially for those who wish to use it as a go-to when jetting off on holiday and the like.

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Pros: longer than DE blades, stainless steel-so no maintainence issues
Cons: not the most beautiful razor ever made, some might feel it a bit light
So, yeah it's a shavette.
Yeah it's Japanese - with Japanese blades.
No, it's not close to a feather artists club razor.... nor is it close to a 2 week old Mach3 blade either.

Blades pretty easy to get, with a bit of searching.... suspect Dovo blades (as well as other brands) would work as well.

Good balance, nice size (almost 9" at full stretch)... jimps are nicely placed. Also came with a trimmer holder, so that you can tidy the beard and chops up if you wish.

Bigger blade (50% longer than DE blade) is a good thing.

So, yeah I like it - good as a travel razor, or for quicker easier shave than the smaller DE bladed shavette.
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