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Forest Rain Aftershave Balm 100ml

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An aftershave balm, containing no artificial ingredients from the One Planet company.
Well, got these for my sensitive skin... Which doesn't cope with shaving very well at all (technique and learning curve ... What can I say?). Anyhow, this stuff seems to do what others claim - that is sooth skin and calm it down after the inevitable razor rash. It does this, but there is some zest from the eucalyptus which softens down and sooths quickly when the aloe vera kicks in. The minty fresh smell might be a bit too much for some, but this does temper down quickly. Leaving a rather nice "natural" smell, a little earthy but with nice woody tone. Works well, does the trick and doesn't pretend to do something "clever and scientific" like other brands claim...
As a bizarre note, my pregnant partner also likes it... But as a foot rub

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Pros: Leaves skin feeling calm, contains no artificial ingredients
Cons: Minty fresh woodland smell may not be some people's liking, only available in 4 packs
Note price is for pack of four... Which is none too bad for this kind of product, but not really a bargain.
Quality, very smooth feeling... Non greasy. Feels nice and fresh on skin.
It obviously doesn't lather.
It really feels like it refreshes the skin, the aloe Vera is very soothing, the peppermint adds a cooling note.
The scent is a mix of fresh minty tones and woody notes... You will ether like it or loathe it.
Found it very effective in use, once the cooling effect of mint tempered down left a calming and soothing sensation.
The package works, plastic (recycled) with all the info needed. Not a design award winner...
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