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A 50/50 blend of two-band Finest Badger and Premium Boar from Semogue.

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Pros: Excellent, soft-tip scrubber for face lathering
Cons: Not the best handle ever (but OK)
A word about the numbers - Density, Stiffness, Softness - these are quantitative figures. Density, for example, 1 = Kent BK4 and 10 = Simpson Chubby. So don't take these as qualitative figures.

This might be the best money I've ever spent on a brush. Seriously, give me one of these over a brush twice the price any day of the week. It does need a little break-in period for the boar tips to split, but once that starts, tip scratch goes downhill quickly. The knot is dense and soft, but with great scrub. It maintains a fairly compact form (as opposed to spreading easily) and makes short work of the hardest soaps. I haven't ever used a brush that make better lather faster.

The only bad marks to be given are in the handle department. If you put this on an SOC handle, I'd be in heaven. Otherwise, the tortoise gives a good visual appeal if it isn't the most comfortable to hold. The grip is sure, just - well, not perfect.

Overall, Semogue delivers w/the Caravela. I hope this knot makes its way into regular production. It's a winner, and a steal at the price.
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