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Boots Original Bay Rum

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Boots market this as a "conditioning hair dressing with a traditional fragrance" which is odd because it seems more like bay rum scented aftershave than proper bay rum in itself. Don't think this is a criticism though it's good stuff and the diluted feel of it isn't so much a failing as a benefit. The only other bay rum I've tried is the Dominica Bay Rum and that's a pretty full on, raging psychopath of a scent - I like it a lot but a slightly more toned down version is welcome. I'm not saying the Boots stuff is a fine luxury product but it's very pleasant and hard to fault at the price.

Price: can't remember exactly but it was less than a fiver ($10)

Quality: Nothing to complain about here, good quality stuff.

Fights Razor Burn: No it doesn't! It stings like a SOB - if you've already got razor burn, splashing this on will make you squeal like a pig on honeymoon.

Cooling Sensation: Zero

Scent: I'm very fond of the smell of Bay Rum and a somewhat diluted and toned down version is nice to have. It's still pretty strong just the same. Doesn't last very well a couple of hours tops.

Efficacy: Once it stops stinging it does feel very fresh and toned.

Moisturising: More toning than moisturising.

No Alcohol Burn: Quite the opposite - plenty of alcohol burn.

I'm beginning to wonder if someone at Boots doesn't read this site (or SMF, etc) because they've already added two "traditional" shave creams to their own brand lines and now this. It's a good offering too, maybe not quite of the quality of Dominca Bay Rum but cheaper, more easily available and just a bit more subtle.

Sorry there's no photo but I broke my camera recently and couldn't find a photo online. It's an amber coloured liquid that comes in an ordinary, square, clear glass bottle with a black cap and a black and red label.

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I went to boots to check this out, and the product has been re-called, .
I was in boots today and they had it beside the freshwood and labeled as aftershave. I'll probably pick some up soon as it's 3 for 2 on men's toiletries atm.
It's marketed as a hair tonic but it's a good, spicy aftershave.

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