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Bath Soap 160g

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Musgo Real Soap are made since 1887, having primarily served the Portuguese aristocracy and some high class members from those times. Now, with more than a century in existence, Musgo Real is still a world known preference, being used daily by famous people - it's Johnny Depp's favorite!

It's ancient formula is enriched with natural Coconut Oil and Glycerin which makes this soap even more creamy and smooth, especially useful for maintaining an healthy skin day by day.
out due to their unique aroma, which combines the herbal essences of vetyver and eucalyptus with the vigorous accent of patchouli.

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Pros: Latherabiliity
Cons: Price
I am anti-musk and anti-patchoulli so I thought I'd hate the smell of this soap. Surprisingly, I don't. It is quite mild and I dare say refreshing. You won't walk around smelling like a dirty hippy.

I'm not fussy about my bath soaps, I have to admit. Dove bars from the grocery store are fine with me. This, however, is a really nice soap and a little goes a long way.

It is advertised as being "creamy and smooth" which I found to be very true. It lathers up really well and leaves your skin feeling very refreshed and moisturised. And yet, this is a man's soap. Recommended.
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