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R89 Rosegold Safety Razor

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The traditional safety razor with replaceable blade is regarded by many as the first mechanical razor for self-shaving.
At MÜHLE it is more: a minor miracle of precision, ergonomics and beauty, created for ambitious wet shavers. Our design combines high-quality metal-working (chrome-plating) with an extremely fine engraved finish.
The model comes in two versions (closed and open comb) as every beard growth, every type of facial skin is individual – and the same applies to personal shaving preferences. Comes with a short instruction and one blade.

measurements: L 95 mm, B 53 mm

weight: 64 g

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Pros: Appearance, finish
Cons: Price
One of the finest, most beautiful instruments on the market today.

I own over a dozen razors, both vintage and modern, and this is my finest purchase and worth the higher price you pay for Muhle.

I was getting the best shaves from my Edwin Jagger de89l and wanted to know if it could be topped. The Muhle handles are slightly different in weight and feel.

My verdict is that the shave is better, but only marginally. The grip is also slightly slipperier than my EJde89l, so some care is required.

However, what puts this razor over the line is the beautiful finish. The detailing on the handle means it sparkles, especially if you twist it. The rosegold is pretty unique and and silver/rosegold colour combination is truly captivating. It is the nicest looking razor I've ever seen.

In short - this gives me the best shave of all my razors and its a joy to look at and handle every morning. I highly recommend it.
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User Friendly
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Ease of Blade Replacement
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