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I was made aware of this excellent shaving cream through the Shave Wiki on the Great Southern Land group. I asked a friend from Melbourne to buy it from an Arabic grocery store and send it up to me. At $2.50 AUD for a 65 ml tube this cream is a steal. What struck me most about this cream was the unbelievable smell. I've never used the English original but the scent of the Egyptian version to my nose is outstanding. I can only describe it as lemon crossed with menthol with very clean notes...
I used to work in Auburn which is Australia's version of 'Little Istanbul' with it's vibrant Turkish culture, shops and cafes. Turks seem to be the most obsessive shavers on earth judging by the numbers of shaving creams they produce and the abundant supply of Turkish barbers in Auburn in which a wide range of Turkish shaving products are easily found. For years Arko sensitive was the only shaving cream I would use as I would never get any rash or irritation and the scent was so powerful...
I made a trip to Lakemba in Sydney which is famous for it's Arab diaspora grocery stores and cafes with the sole intention of finding new creams to use in my rotation. I paid $3.50 AUD for a 65 gramme tube. The tube is metal (which I like) and the overall aesthetic dated but still attractive as you don't find many consumer good packaged in various shades of brown these days. The cream itself is pale blue in colour and has a light scent which is barely discernable once lathered. I used an...
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