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Current Rotation

Weekly shaves

During the week, I use the same products in order to review them when they are finished. The current setup during the week is:

  • Rudy Vey Custom based on Simpson Chubby 1 (24mm x 48mm) in faux horn. Knotted in Finest
  • Different straight razor every day / Ever-Ready SE 1912 / Schick Injector type L4
  • Kanayama Strop Model #30,000 / When using a straight
  • Barbus Shaving Soap
  • Mennen Skin Bracer Original

Week-end Rotation

  • Saturday is the anything can happen day! I randomly select a different soap, Aftershave and Cologne.
  • Sunday is Proraso day, Proraso soap!


Straight Razors

Click on the column header to sort the table.

27/8Klas Törnblom "185"EskilstunaFull HollowRound TipThat one was NOS
311/16Joseph Fenton & SonsSheffieldExtra HollowSquare PointCutlers - Sheffield
413/16The Celebrated Emperor - NapoleonGermanyFull HollowRound TipWhite mother of pearl scales - Restoration by Oz
56/8James Foster 7&8 Vicar LaneLeeds - SheffieldFull HollowRound TipCelebrated Hollow Ground Razor - set ready for use
66/8John Heiffor3 Paradise Square - SheffieldHalf HollowSquare TipMade in Sheffield for Robt. I. Cohen, Galveston, Texas
86/8Bengall - T.R. Cadman & SonsSheffieldFull HollowRound TipShaves are quick with a Bengall
97/8W. Jno Baker Ltd. SydneySheffieldFull HollowRound TipMore information on the company
106/8A Feist & Co LunawerkSolingen - GermanyFull HollowFrench PointRestoration by Oz.
1113/16Rugby 1072Made in Austria1/4 HollowSquare pointPhoenix Special Steel
1213/16The Pratical - HB520French steelFull HollowRound TipMy First Straight
156/8Aurora - Finest Steel - 201JapanFull HollowSquare TipI also saw this one made in Soligen
165/8Key City Cutlery co.American SteelFull HollowSquare TipRestoration by Oz - Design of the scales by SWMBO
176/8FontenilleFrench steelHalf HollowRound TipRestoration by Oz
186/8Albert Bellefontaine - MontrealMade in FranceFull HollowSquare TipHappy Barber Etching
196/8John Heiffor3 Paradise Square - SheffieldExtra Hollow GroundBarber PointVery Sharp Straight
206/8Diana for GentlemenJapanFull HollowSpikeVery nice shoulderless
216/8Bengall - T.R. Cadman & SonsSheffieldFull HollowRound PointMade for Thomas' Supply Stores
226/8Bengall - T.R. Cadman & SonsSheffieldFull HollowRound PointWho where the Ward Bros.?
236/8Thomas TurnerSheffield1/4 HollowRound PointThe razor is marked "M & D Canada 1916"

Pictures of my Straights

How do I store my Straights?



  • Hot shower




  • Brut
  • Christian Dior - Fahrenheit

Wish list

Gear that I need to try eventually on my journey... It should take me a few years to buy those one by one and try them
Institute KaritéProvence Santé Shave SoapL'Occitane Cade shaving soapGFT Coconut Shaving Soap
GFT Rose Shaving SoapPlisson Shaving SoapKruidvat Shaving SoapFigaro shaving soap
Altesse French Milled soapOmega shaving soapGaia Made For Men Shave CreamMandom Lúcido Aftershave
Floïd Blue ItalianBooster Barbershop Classics June Clover AftershaveBooster Barbershop Classics Jickey AftershaveBooster Barbershop Classics Aquarius Aftershave
Booster Barbershop Classics Bay Rum AftershaveBooster Barbershop Classics Oriental Spice AftershaveJade East Aftershave

I would buy again

I would NOT buy again

Hemp Shave Stick (Marijuana Moisture - Australian made) Lather disappears within a minute no matter how you use it.
Pashana Original AftershaveToo oily when applying the AS and a bit overpowering
Sir Irisch Moos AftershaveLike Pashana, too oily when applying the AS and a bit overpowering
Erasmic Shaving StickLather disappears within a minute no matter how you use it.

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