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Omega 10077 Shaving Brush

Omega 10077

ModelTotal heightHandle heightLoft heightKnot size

Additional notes/information: All measurements are in mm.

Boar knot, Omega pure bristle, no sketching.


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Notes/additional information

  • The handle is plastic and has mold lines. The manufacturer's model page is here. This brush is also known as the "Omega Professional", and is available with a red, blue, or green handle.
  • The OMEGA 10077 is one of the 'classic duo' range of OMEGA brushes. It features an eye catching 'duo' vase shaped handle combining deep black and clear coloured faux resin in a round profile. The clear coloured base is available in green, blue or red.The circular design makes for a snug fit and also holds the the high performance OMEGA pure bristle loft.

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