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Thomas Turner and Co Manufacturer

This page is intended to list a straight razor manufacturer with all his information.

Company Info

Manufacturer: Thomas Turner & Co.

The Legacy:
  • Thomas Turner (founder) is born in the early 1800-pre-1800 - death - 5 March 1845, aged 61
    • Thomas Turner Jr. (Son of Thomas Turner Founder) Born 29 January 1829 - Death 18 March 1916 [1]
      • Thomas Turner (b. 1855 - died on 27 March 1886, aged 31) - Thomas Turner Jr. couldn't then turn the business to his son, unfortunately.
    • Benjamin Thorne (Son of Thomas Turner Founder)
    • William Thorne Turner (Son of Thomas Turner Founder)

Other Names:
  • Encore (Trademark registered in 1805 according to their 1902 Catalog) [2]. The trademark was previously registered by another cutler: Luke Brownell [3]
  • Everlasting.
  • Wingfield, Rowbotham & Co[4] were bought in 1898[5]
  • Joseph Haywood & Co was bought in 1914[5]
  • M&D stands for Militia and Defense existed between 1860 - 1923[6]

Dates in Production:
  • 1802 - 1953 [7]

  • Sheffield, England
  • Norfolk Street in 1822 [1]
  • 1 Suffolk Road from the Directory of 1852

  • Carbon

  • Thomas Turner & Co made a large range of goods including table knives, saws, files and edge tools. Like some of the other larger cutlery firms, it also produced and forged its own crucible steel using imported Swedish bar iron. The company supplied the Navy with open razors and exported its knives across the British Colonies. [8]
  • They produced razors stamped with Cutlers to their Majesties.

B&B Reviews:

Notes of Interest:

  • 1802 - Company is created
  • 1805 - Previously registered trademark 'Encore' is bought by Thomas Turner & Co. (From their catalog).
  • 1822 - The company was listed in a Sheffield directory in Norfolk Street, though another business - Thorpe,Turner & Co. [1]
  • 1851 - Prize medal awarded to Thomas Turner & Co. at the Great Exhibition [10]
    1879 Flyer
    1879 Flyer
  • 1860 - 1923 - M&D - During the 1860s, Canadians feared that the victorious Union armies from the American Civil War might be directed northward. The need for an improved defence organization was an important contributing factor leading to negotiations for Confederation. Sir George Etienne Cartier's first Militia Act for the Dominion of Canada created the Department of Militia and Defence in 1868. It drew heavily upon the Province of Canada's system of universal obligation for military service and volunteer units, which visibly embodied the militia. The militia, like its predecessors, could be called upon to quell public disturbances when requested by magistrates to act "in aid of the civil power." Candidates for officers' commissions were required to qualify at a military school, initially run by the British Army, and militia officers were subordinate to British Regular officers of the same rank. On January 1, 1923, the Departments of Militia and Defence, the Naval Service (which had reported to the Minister of Marine and Fisheries), and the Air Board were integrated into the Department of National Defence. [11]
  • 1871 - Thomas Turner Junior is now a Master Cutler [12]
  • 1893 - Thomas Turner & Co. is sold to Albert Hobson [12]
  • 1898 - Wingfield, Rowbotham & Co[4] is bought and merged with Thomas Turner.
  • 1902 - Publication of a Thomas Turner & Co. Catalog
  • 1914 - Joseph Haywood & Co is bought and merged with Thomas Turner.[5]
  • 1932 - Thomas Turner & Co. did not survive the depression and is bought by Viners. [12]
  • 1953 - The company cease producing any items. [7]


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