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Blending existing aftershaves to create something new and different has been around on B&B for quite a while. The first example I know of is PinMaster, which probably was first mixed up around 2009/2010.

PinMaster Bay Rum
1 Part Pinaud Virgin Island Bay Rum
1 Part Master Bay Rum

The recipe predates the name, so it's origins are a bit fuzzy. OkieStubble took this idea to the next level when he created his Bootlegger's Brand. And his successful creations have gained many fans and inspired others to try their hands at mixing up their own aftershave blends.

In order to keep these recipes together, and not lost in the thread archives, Badger Blends was born. The idea is that Badger Blends is one common "brand name" for all blends created by the members of Badger & Blade. Names for the brand were suggested and voted on by the members of B&B. It's a collaboration project of, for, and by the great members of this site!

If you have a blend you are working on, submit it here:

The Blends (By User)

Ad Astra

Lime Veg
1 Part Pinaud's Lime Sec
1 Part Lilac Vegetal
Drops of glycerin to suit.


Blue Steel
1 Part Aqua Velva
1 Part Florida Water

August West

Double Spice Ice
1 Part P&G Old Spice Aftershave
1 Part P&G Old Spice Cologne
1 Part Fine's Snakebite


Gentleman's Freeze
1 Part Pinaud Clubmna
1 Part Alcolado glacial
1 Part Witch Hazel


Aproxo (attempt to re-create Bootlegger’s Perfecto Virginia, without Vitos)
1 Part Master Bay Rum
1 Part Superior 70 Bay Rum
1 Part Crusellas Kolonia 1800 Tobacco


Emerald Spice - Label HERE
1 Part Skin Bracer
1 Part Aqua Velva Ice Blue
1 Part Aqua Velva Ice Sport
1 Part P&G Old Spice

Dog Whiskerer

Iceland Freeze
1 Part Masters Iceland Breeze
1 Pary Alcolado Glacier


Clubman's Bay Rum
1 Part HBG Bay Rum
1 Part Pinaud Clubman


Bay Spice
1 part VIBR
1 part Family Dollar (Vi-Jon) Spice


5 Parts Lucky Tiger
1 Part Fine Snakebite


Hulk Splash
1 Part Poraso Green
1 Part Osage Rub


Bay Sport
1 Part Aqua Velva Ice Sport
1 Part Pinaud Clubman Bay Rum


Rum Runner's Bay Rum
1 Part Stephans BR
1 Part Masters BR
1 Part Pinaud Virgin Island BR


1 Part Brut
1 Part Thayer's After Shave
added menthol crystals to suit


Blue Floyd
60% 4711 Aftershave
40% Aqua Velva Ice Blue

Icy Velva (AKA Aqua Man's Slap!)
1 part Aqua Velva
1 part Osage Rub


Orange Spice
1 Part Florida Water
2 parts P&G Old spice

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