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T. R. Cadman and Sons Manufacturer

This page is intended to list a straight razor manufacturer with all his information.

Company Info

Manufacturer: T.R. Cadman & Sons (Thomas Radley Cadman)[1]

Other Names:
  • Luke Cadman of Surrey St Factory made the Bengall and David Cadman of Longfton-Lane made the Bengal. [2]
  • Other manufacturer of "Bengall" (Bengall with 2 "L" were also produced by a Swedish Manufacturer named A.-Bol. Borlänge Maskinaffär [3])
  • Other manufacturer of "Bengal" razors (Bengal with 1 "L" were also produced by a Manufacturer named Voos & Essers KG in Solingen [4])

Dates in Production: 1748-1965 - [5] [6]

Location: St. Mary's Road, Sheffield.

Steel: Carbon

Type: Straight Razors, Cutlery, Knives.

Bengal Straight Razor made for Alfred Edments (1853-1909)

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Notes of Interest:
  • The Cadman family originally came from Derbyshire and settled in the village of Eckington, to the south of Sheffield. Luke Cadman (1727-1788) moved to Sheffield in 1740 and became apprenticed into the cutlery trade. He became a freeman of the Cutlers' Company of Hallamshire in 1748 and was granted the trademark "BENGALL". (Another branch of the family was granted the trademark "SENEGALL"). Two of Cadman's sons followed him into the business. The Cadmans' business was located at various addresses in Sheffield over the years. In the early 1870s Thomas Radley Cadman (1833-1917) took over the firm. By 1933 the firm had diversified into safety razor and pocket knife manufacture. T.R.Cadman & Sons, Ltd. ceased trading in 1965.

    Cadman & Sons occupied a number of addresses in Sheffield including premises in Surrey Street, Fargate, Carver Street, Broomhall Street and Monmouth Street. The firm continued into the 1900s though the safety and electric razor market was putting them under increasing financial strain. Throughout the post war period they continued a strong international trade. They exported 80-90% of their products to Australia, Japan, India and Poland. During WWII they supplied the Royal Navy with 250,000 razors. [7]
  • Manufacturer for W. Jno Baker straight razors in New South Wales, Australia. [8]. They also provided some straights for the Thomas' Supply Store in Victoria, Australia. [9] and the Ward Bros, Victoria, Australia [10].
  • Bengall pictures from the membership


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