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Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by BillC, Nov 11, 2012.

    There's been a lot of chatter about this one here lately. Just saw that Amazon has a 1oz bottle for $13 with Prime shipping. Too cheap for me to pass up, looking forward to smelling this one soon

  1. Good luck. I ordered mine from Amazon and the order got delayed twice. I finally cancelled it over 2 weeks later and ordered from Scentedmonkey instead.
  2. zino is nice
  3. I like Zino a lot, even though I have only recently encountered it.

    I went for it after someone said they thought it had a feel of Guerlain Jicky - I seriously love Jicky EdP. Cheapsmells in the UK had Zino cheap and there wasn't much to lose, so I got a bottle. And I think it does have a Jicky vibe to it - not as refined or as complex, but for me it is there.

    But regardless of that, it's a very good fragrance, with depth and individuality. It's a winner for me.
  4. That's an interesting thought. It's a while since I sampled Heritage and my memory of it isn't recent enough to compare - I'll have to try it again next time I'm in a store.
  5. I just got a bottle of this and I was surprised by the potent patchouli in it. Everyone talks about woods, vanilla and rose but really i think this is a lavender, patchouli, musk scent...

    Not that I'm complaining since I love givenchy gentleman, giorgio for men, and all those other 80s patchouli fragrances. I was just not expecting it...
  6. Yeah still hasn't shipped even though it says it's in stock and shipping from Amazon :-/ I've bought a few other designer scents through Amazon and never had this issue, weird it seems to recur with Zino. Thanks for the heads up on ScentedMonkey - but this was a blind buy based on curiosity and low price/free shipping. Not sure I care enough to track it down otherwise but willing to address my curiosity for $12.
  7. Is it possible to make a male floral fragrance? You bet, and Zino proves it. A bit potent upon first spray, but soon transforms into a wonderful sweet, not cloying, but rather sweet creamy Floral infused with notes of A smoky spicy accord that it manages to hold throughout the whole progression of the fragrance. I would put this fragrance in the same class of two of the three Ungaro brothers. That would be two, and three. A bit dated? Perhaps, some may say a bit too much of an "Old school fragrance" Not quite sure what that means exactly, but I guess to each their own. As for me I give it a big thumb's up.
  8. Well, as Matt555 predicted, Amazon never shipped. But he was nice enough to sell me his bottle since he didn't like it :)

    Much more floral and pretty than I was expecting - thought it would be a darker, heavier rose. There's plenty of lavender, vanilla, spices and more here. Very busy fragrance but I like it - amazing for the bargain basement price.

    Guess I need to try Guerlain Heritage and Ungaro 3 now too :)
  9. For anyone interested, I ordered a bottle from fragrance.net recently and it shipped immediately.

    I like it quite a bit myself.
  10. I am glad you like it. I don't quite get all the comparisons between Zino and Heritage to tell you the truth. Heritage smells creamy on my skin. I thought there was a significant amount of vanilla or something in Heritage only to find out recently that there is none. So I still don't know why it smells that way on me. There was nothing creamy about Zino on my skin. I personally think they are different enough that owning both would be no problem. However, you are not going to find Heritage for the steal of a price that Zino is.
  11. I do like this one! I was going to offer to send you a sample, but see you just scored a bottle. Let us know your thoughts.
  12. Ad Astra

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    Bump for an old Zino thread.

    I added this to a recent order on hunch I'd like it ... It's another great inexpensive scent. Still processing it but thumbs up!

  13. Bhugo

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    My favorite vanilla.
  14. Used it for a number of years. My impression has always been that it is a ringer for T&H Spanish Leather.
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    Have seen this elsewhere, too. It's got a lot of notes going on.

  16. Zino is a strong scent IMO, love it and get compliments quite a bit from it, but this scent is not for everyone. Hard to describe but hope you enjoy Zino as much as I do.
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    Wore it yesterday. Good stuff.


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