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Yuengling Lager

Well, today I had my first Yuengling Lager and I must say, I totally enjoyed it. As a matter of fact, I can't remember ever enjoying a better beer. I am now hooked. I was wondering if there were any Yuengling fans on the forum.


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I enjoy it quite a bit, especially at the usual price point in the DC area. Haven't been a fan of their other stuff, but the lager is very nice.
People down here in Tuscaloosa seem to think it's the Holy Grail of beer, but I'm just not that into it. Sure, it's a great alternative to a Sam Adams (and beats the snot out of any other domestic mass product), but it's not like it's Monty Python's Holy Gr-Ale (which is DEEEEEELICIOUS, btw).

I will not turn one down if offered, but never just pick up a six pack for my own use. I do bring my brother a six'r whenever we're camping so that he won't waste my good beers.
There are indeed other fans. I have a 12 pack out in the garage fridge as we speak. That's pretty much my go to beer when I'm buying it for home and most of the restaurants and bars around here serve it on tap so i usually have it when I'm out too. I like darker beers with some character (and flavor). I'm very close to Pennsylvania so it's everywhere here.
It's interesting, they say they're America's oldest brewery and they're in Pennsylvania. I was born and raised in PA (near Philly) and I never heard of Yuengling until fairly recently when I moved back to the area from Florida. Glad I discovered it though.

great stuff. now that i'm in grad school in IL, can't get it. when i'm home in MD for the holidays, it is on my to-do list, along with raw oysters. I look forward to Thanksgiving!


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Yeungling is the best beer made in America which is not a micro brew.
Plenty of fans of this fine elixer.
I love it. Proof that you can sell a great beer without having a patronizing media blitz. Take a hint, Mr. Koch of Sam Adams. Frankly, your smugness puts me off and I hope you get a hop stuck in your nose the next time you sniff a bunch of them when filming a commercial. Which is probably tomorrow, judging by the frequency of your ads.

Wait, this thread was about Yuengling, right? Awesome stuff. When it came to Clemson, everyone (students and locals) celebrated.
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I wish they would distribute to SoCal. I have a friend that I trade beer with ( yes, I am a beer geek) and this is often on my wish list. Very refreshing and perfect summer beer.


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I love that beer, I didn't know it existed until two years ago when I visited family in N.J., it's not available in Oklahoma. Crappy blue law 3.2% beer swillin' politicians, too scared of the morality police to change anything around here.:cursing:


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I enjoy it quite a bit, especially at the usual price point in the DC area. Haven't been a fan of their other stuff, but the lager is very nice.
+1. I almost forgot how much I enjoyed Yuengling. But I had a good bit of it last weekend, and lets say we were happily re-acquainted. :001_tongu
Great Beer, I use to think it was some asian brand when i lived in PA and made the mistake of saying that out loud. I loved it, visited the brewery and its a staple in my fridge now. Enjoy!!!!!
No Magic Hat / Sam Adams love? Hahaha.
Magic Hat Circus Boy and Sam Adams Cranberry Lambic which comes out once a year in a holiday pack. Curse you Sam Adams for not putting that out in a six pack.:cursing:

Dogfish consistently makes some of the best beers I have ever tried, and if you ever make it to the Brooklyn Brewery the beers they have on tap there will make you want to move to the Borough.
No Magic Hat / Sam Adams love? Hahaha.
Magic Hat Batch 375, Thumbsucker and Feast of Fools (7.5% edition) are some of my favorites. Batch 376 was really nice also. A black lager was a brilliant idea!

Sam Adams on the other hand, watered down macro. They have there place but it isn't top of the heap.
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