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Your choice for travel

If you were to select 1 or 2 shave creams for travel use, what would they be and in short, why?

Here’s the criteria:

1) Must be 100 ml or less for TSA compliance
2) Tube must have a threaded cap, not a flip cap
3) No lanolin ingredient

I appreciate any input.
Here’s my latest purchase:

A 60 g. container of TOBS. While Jermyn Street wouldn’t be my first choice, it’s good enough for me to travel with. I’ll reuse the container - it feels practically indestructible - and fill it with a cream or soap I’ll like better. Also, my Wee Scot is the perfect size for loading from the container.
The Taylor of Old Bond Street creams come in 75 ml tubes as do the Trumper shaving creams. To my knowledge none of the scents contain lanolin and all come with twist off caps. On my last trip I used a tube of Nivea Sensitive Skin cream. It's very inexpensive in Canada but apparently difficult to find in the US. I don't think it's great, but it is certainly serviceable and meets your other criteria.
I travel with a stick of Tabac, no cream. But I would second the Speick for the cream. Also, our Dollar store has the Art of Shaving sample packs that come with a single use pre-shave oil, single use unscented cream, and single use aftershave balm. I've found, as a head shaver, there's plenty in the single use shave cream for two shaves.
KMF travel sized
Trumper, Taylor, etc. have travel sized tubes.
Biotique Palmyra gel is a great size for travel and lathers up easily
Speick is a great size

100ml is 3.4 oz. So anything smaller than that should work fine for air travel and fit in a quart size ziploc bag. Cremo is a bit long and can tear the bag.

But lately I've been using shave sticks since they are solid and last a long time.

I fill my own 2 oz bottles with aftershave or witch hazel. People fill containers with their favorite creams too.
I used to use Kiehl’s Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream - it meets 2 criteria - 75ml container and no lanolin. It does have a flip top, but in a million miles of flying I can’t remember a spill. Pacific Shaving Co. cream comes in a 100ml tube, also is lanolin free and does have a flip top. I haven’t used it traveling.

Currently for traveling I just use a soap stick because it means one less item to stick into my 1 quart liquids bag.
It's not a cream, but I travel regularly with the travel-size of Gillette Foamy Regular. I'm not sure why, but I think the travel-size Foamy works somewhat better then the standard can...maybe it mixes up better? It's easy to find and for me it gives a very good shave with a Mach 3. I have 50ml bottles of Tabac and Old Spice Original, so I usually bring one of those along too.
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