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Yaqi Bohemia

Received my Bohemia I bought from 11.11 sale from AE. It is raw color version. Very well made razor. Everything feels quality made. Handle is very grippy. I was afraid of heavy wight of it. But like I hold my razor up from handle near head it feels balanced and weight does not bother me. Top cap is very slim. It is easy to shave under nose.

First shave today:
Face and head shave with Rockwell blade (4). Side 1 (0,95mm)

I have to say I have been deceived by this very thread :blink:. Was expecting mild/medium mild shave like all in this thread have described. Nothing like that ! I am used to mild razors (Mellon, Rockwell 3/4 plate, shavettes). Recently bought AX-SE and S9 witch are little more aggressive and more blade feel. Bohemia was much more aggressive and had more blade feel. I was shocked ! It did not feel dangerous but needed all the time my attention. I rode cap most of the time. I did not try my luck too much and ended my face shave with one pass and did two pass shave on head.

Result: cheeks DFS+, neck CCS, head DFS+. No weepers or nicks. No burn from aftershave.

Maybe I should change blade next time. Two first shaves with Rockwell in S9 were comfortable. Maybe this blade and razor are not good pair for me !

Despite unexpected experience I like this razor !



Cool and slimy
I have my eyes on this one as well, but ran out of money during sales of this and that! :)
Also would rather take the raw color version, it's looking amazing.
Maybe ride the bar with this one, these... "bumpers" is probably a better description than teeth... look like they would be quite protective.
Second shave with Bohemia.

I was actually going shave tomorrow but yesterday's experience with little harsh blade feel made me thinking about the reason. I changed Rockwell blade to new Rubie. What a difference it made ! Shave felt smooth and comfortable with much less blade feel. Did only one pass, had not much stubble to mow from yesterday's.

I bought this razor for its very unique look. Hoped secretly it will shave well. Dream come true ! :clap:
Got new daily driver !

Last evening I typed "Yaqi" into the search bar on this forum and read up on user comments not only on this Bohemian, which looks the most interesting to me of the bunch, but also the Duomo (looks very similar to the Bohemian), the TTO Monarch and the Goodwill replica Harlequin. All very intriguing stuff.


Cool and slimy
All very intriguing stuff.
I very much like the Harlequin and it might make me go vintage. But let me point out another one that I liked. The Mellon - which is the "Grand Shave King" design that is like the Razorock SLOC. It was designed by a Joseph Something Mellon, and while it is a mild to medium razor, generally I rather take aggressive ones, this one works so nicely for me. There is a zamac version with rounded blade posts and the CNC made steel version has rectangular slots and is supposedly a bit more aggressive.

This said, they did not only play nice. Yaqi and DSCosmetic copied Blackbird and Dart handle, and they copied a lot of designs in the past. But that was usually after they were discontinued.
I've only got two shaves on my Bohemia, but I can tell how outstanding it is. Yes, the big head presents the same mustache shaving problem as the Merkur Futur. Well, you simply go "south-north" under your nose to solve that. My assessment is the Bohemia is a step up from my Game Changer .84 in aggressiveness.
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Bohemia is my current favorite. It shaves very well. It is mild even the 135 plate. I don't have GC .84 but I have its DSC copy S9. Bohemia is definitely milder.

Under the nose WTG and XTG. ATG impossible (I guess). But I don't do ATG in that area anyway. So not a problem.
I actually dont have a problem going under the nose with it. I also dont find it aggressive as such. There's a bit of blade feel, but not hindering or bothersome. I used both plate settings today to end with a Total of 4 (four!!) passes, can't say I feel much difference between the gaps.
No irritation whatsoever after those 4 passes, only a very smooth face.
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