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Worst Blade

Another blade that initially I had hopes for but didn’t work out were Treet blacks. They were carbon steel but so terribly DULL. I could barely manage 2 shaves apiece with them. However they were COOL looking!

I have to admit I got 2 good Voskhod shaves that I remember but have tried and tried again and NO. Can't do one shave. But the worst is BIC....horrible=hair puller.
BTW these are for mainly headshaves with different razors....
The loser, and still the worst;

Flying Eagle $h!#.
To say I could get a better shave with a dull butter knife would be an insult to dull butter knives everywhere.

Followed close behind by Derby...Feh!

And V2 or V12 from India. Sucked so bad not worth remembering the name.

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There is a Swedish brand called "Rijk" and they are the worst blades I have ever tried.
They are thin, flimsy, and it can not cut through a grown mans stubble.
And they are cheap as hell.
Yeah. They are really bad as in not possible to shave with. Worst so far. Bic is also bad for me. Just a lot of tugging. Derby’s can’t be said to be sharp, but at least you can manage a shave with them. These two on the other hand, Bin-feed.

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Shark super chrome. I bought several in the beginning and only used one Tuck. Terrible.

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+1 BIC Chrome Platinum pulling. THE most painful shave so far hands down.
????? I find BIC Chrome platinum blades to be some of the sharpest blades I have ever used. After the 1st shave, they are even sharper than Feather. Thus, I do not understand why you get pulling? Maybe you got some bad blades.
I've tried 36 different blades. (at least 5 blades of each brand) for the first 10 months of my shaving experience.My worst are:

Shark SS
Dorco 301
Personna Lab Blue and Red. - the ABSOLUTE worst blades. I don't understand how people here can rave about this product?

All other blades for me are significantly better than the above 5 blades.

Best 5 for me BTW: GSB, Nacet, Rubie, Perma Sharp Super, Chroma Diamont
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The Bic’s kind of dragged the hairs out of the skin. Not much cutting power there.

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Lord Super Stainless. They just irritate my skin.
+1 on the Lord blades being less than Kosher.

I sometimes wonder if people noticing bad brands is just a result of poor packaging/storage conditions at one of the many Warehouses before we receive...