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FS Wolfman WR1 with base high polish

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My den clearing continues. WR1 .61 SB with WRH7 hollow handle and the base.

A few years old and before Dufour went to his matte, basic polish, and premium polish levels. A great great razor - Dufour's original standard gap - but it's time to move it on. While I've not seen the new versions, I'd have to believe that this is far closer (if not equal to) the "premium" polish and it certainly has to be be better than the present "basic" polish. A new premium polish for this would cost $1200, and even the basic would run $675. Since it has been used, gently but infrequently, there are small, and mostly micro, scratches but nothing that you wouldn't get from using a new one for some time. I'm pricing it at $575.00, less than half the price of a new premium polish one, which I believe is a very good deal. I'll also pay CONUS shipping and insurance.

Just FYI, the Wolfman prices on their website are in Canadian Dollars.
Totally forgot! Feeling silly but a very good point. The premium polish in US would be $890, which, as I said, is what I think this would be, and the basic is around $500 US. So, I still think the price I was asking is fair but I'll drop it to $540.
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