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FS Wolfman WR1, WR2 & Tatara

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Hello Everyone!

Today I am offering 3 premium razors for sale, 2 Wolfman and a Tatara Nodachi with Masamune handle. CONUS Only PayPal G&S please. Please PM with offers or inquiries. Happy to provide additional photos if requested. Thank you.

***Prices include shipping



Tatara Nodachi W/Masamune handle Titanium - $250 Used only once. Includes cork packaging and Tatara insert.

Masamune - 3 Piece Front.jpg

Masamune - 3 Piece Under.jpg

Wolfman WR2 1.15 SS Basic Polish - $315 - Used once. Includes WRH2 handle
Wolfman WR2 - 3 Piece Front.jpg

Wolfman WR2 3 Piece Under .jpg

Wolfman WR1 0.61 SS Basic Polish - $315 Used Once. Includes WRH1 handle.
Wolfman WR1 - 3 Piece Front.jpg

Wolfman WR1 - 3 Piece Under.jpg
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