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"Wolfman" Guerrilla in Bronze or Stainless?

My "test drive" of the Aluminum Guerrilla has convinced me to buy one in Stainless or Bronze. It is definitely in my future but, Stainless or Bronze?

What are the pro's and con's of each? Is there enough difference that over time, one will hold up better than the other? Bronze can be relatively strong and corrosion resistant but, I don't know which Bronze Wolfman uses. Stainless is pretty durable and well understood but, I'm thinking Bronze for a change of pace since I have so many stainless razors and only the Lamda Athena as my only Bronze DE razor. $50CAD is not enough price difference to sway me either way with this purchase and I will be getting the 0.99mm base plate.

The bronze will patina over time and require a bit more maintenance to keep its original shine. The SS will never develop a nice patina but will be easier to take care of on a daily basis. Only you can decide which you prefer. Best of luck on your decision.
There may me a slight weight difference. And the bronze will patina over time. Some people really like the look of bronze with a patina (think 'antique bronze' look that some designers like) and others prefer their razors to be shiny. Bronze can be made to stay shiny but the it requires some effort.

All things considered, since I like patina and the slightly lighter weight, if it were me I would go with bronze. But I suspect stainless would be the more popular choice.
Heard back from JDCMachining/Wolfman. They use C954 Bronze which is a popular marine brass. It appears to have a good corrosion resistance along with good mechanical properties.
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