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Wish I had done this years ago

Welcome to B&B. You are off to a great start!

razors are SO much cheaper than other hobbies I had

Yeah…about that…well…no. :cuppa:

They are unless or until you join B&B. There are threads to help you with that too by the way.

First of all: enjoy your shaves! Looking forward to reading about them in the daily threads.

I have but I don't know, the straight razors just don't tickle my fancy as much. I mean, I do like well built knives and all but safety razors have more appeal.
There is certainly a nifty craftsman look and feel to safety razors. Like others have said, enjoy your shaves.
Try to stay with one blade in one razor for at least one month, also use one cream or soap. This will allow you to improve your technique before venturing further down the rabbit hole. I started wet shaving age 19, then at age 33 went electric. Came back to sinle blade double edge after razor rash on my neck from cartidges. So, take time to hone technique, good luck, and welcome!
Try to stay with one blade in one razor for at least one month, also use one cream or soap.
Good suggestion but I have violated that step badly. I thought one blade in all four of my razors for one week was long. I was too excited to try all the different blades available but I am settling down now to a more sane cadence so I will try one blade-one month now. I am using one gifted cream for the last month, since Christmas. I have two brushes in rotation so each gets ample drying time. I have a block of alum coming in today, which I am looking forward to adding to the routine. I have discovered which razors of my four give me a two day vs. a three day shave so I was proud of that :)

I have a self enforced one pass shaving routine, with allowed spot touch ups.
Welcome for sure! Isn't it nice to enjoy shaving? Great community for sure.

I'm pretty new myself. 4 of my 7 razors are vintage Gillettes and they're awesome! Enjoy your new hobby🍻
Welcome aboard!
Don't put off the use of those vintage Gillettes too long, Gillette had it right, from the get go!
Sounds good and will do on my Tuesday shave. I have a 1963 Gillette Tech, the last year of the brass top cap, that I will try with a BnB blade exchanged Astra SP. I also have a 1940's Gold Tech but that is on its way to BRG for a plating service.
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