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Win a Free Muehle/HJM Black Fibre Shaving Brush!


This August, we're giving away a Muehle 31P8 S/GR Black Fibre Shaving Brush to one lucky winner.

To enter just go to our site, Shavetools.com and click on the little "follow us on Twitter" button (it is on the left side of the page, right above our link to B&B, in fact, though if you can't, you can still join the contest, of course), then just post in this thread telling us why you'd like to try a Muehle black fibre brush, or, if you're more the strong, silent type, you can just post "I would like to join the contest!"

The contest will run until the end of the month. The winner will be determined randomly. First place will receive the brush. Second place will receive a $10.00 gift certificate to Shavetools.com. Also, while it isn't required, we'd love it if you'd +1 us on Google(the button is just below the twitter one) and stop by our Facebook Page to say hi, if you haven't done so already.

$muehle-31p8s-gr - Copy.jpg

P.S. In case you're having trouble finding the button, you can just follow the arrow!

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I would like to join the contest!

Sorry, no twitter account =( But I will tell you why I'd like to win! I've never tried a fiber brush, and I'm like to see what a synth feels like.
I would like to join the contest. I've never tried a Muhle brush, but this one looks fantastic, especially the handle. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
I would like to join the contest.(I dont have twitter) I have only used boar brushes and it would be cool to try a synthetic brush especially one that looks as cool as that one.
I would like to join the contest! I don't have twitter either. I always wanted to try a quality synthetic brush, and this one seems so nice. Awesome PIF, & thanks for the opportunity.
I would like to join the contest!

I have been wanting to try a Muhle synthetic for a little while, but haven't gotten up the courage to actually dish out the dough.
I would like to join the contest. I haven't used a synthetic brush yet either...and the handle is ver modern looking...totally different from the stuff I normally look at.
I would like to join the contest. I haven't any synthetic and I like to get that grip into my hands. Looks comfortable!