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Win a Free Muehle/HJM Black Fibre Shaving Brush!

I'd like to join the contest. I only have one brush and on a recent expedition I had to pilfer some of the hairs off it to tye some fishing flies. So now my brush has some clumps missing from it :) Hey a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!
I'd love to join the contest. I have become a huge fan of synthetic brushes, but have yet to try a black fibre brush - would love the opportunity!
I would like to join the contest. I have been reading up on synthetic brushes and this one caught my eye


Thanks to every one for making this contest a success, and congratulations to the lucky winner.

It looks like the early bird catches the worm this time, since the lucky winner is Mike_P. Enjoy the brush, Mike!
Second Prize goes to: J_fro. Enjoy the gift certificate, J_Fro!

Thanks again to every one who took part in the contest.