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Why everybody like T&H 1805 so much?

I don't understand why everybody like T&H 1805 so much? Is it the great cream or it the smell like oceanic? Why it became the bestseller?

Most poeple like it and most don't care for it. I don't remember what the smell but I do have the sample fom T&H and I would try it again if how it goes.

Chris A
Of all the creams I have, the 1805 gives me the best lather. The scent can get a bit boring, but it works well with Old Spice AS.
The scent is ok to me but I really like the lather that I get from it. For me it makes the best lather from a cream that I have tried.
Give the T&H West Indian Lime a go...very nice for the upcoming summer...lathers the same obviously...great stuff.
I've enjoyed all the T&H products I've used. They perform consitently for me which I can't say about TOBS creams. The UC line and their soaps are fantastic.
T&H creams give me the slipperiest, most cushiony shaves of any cream or soap I've tried, and the 1805 scent is amazing. Unfortunately, there is something in most T&H creams (Ultimate Comfort included) that burns my face. If I use T&H for shaving two days in a row my face gets a burn resembling severe sunburn that I've never experienced with any other cream or soap. To give you an idea of how much I like 1805, I'm contemplating buying a tub despite this and only shaving with it once a week as the burn would be tolerable at that rate.
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