Why do you wear a fragrance?

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    ^That's the best reason to wear one.
  1. To the person who said "I just like it" -- I concur!

    I also wear it for my wife who likes nice scents.

    I try to wear it very minimally, so that a person must be very close to detect it. I actually avoid colognes MOST of the time. (but not always!) What I prefer is a good aftershave that last, even though my favorite aftershave is notorious for NOT lasting. Of course, I speak of the legendary Aqua Velva.

    At least for myself, I can't get into the idea of having just one 'signature scent'. Its just too boring you can't mix and match things either, as in wear an A/S and a different cologne

    Big problem these days is that EVERYWHERE seems "scent free". My whole office building is Scent Free. My church is Scent Free - go visit my great uncle in the nursing home and its Scent Free. Schools, mass transit, workplaces, all want to be scent free now - it sucks! I personally think the whole sensitivity thing is overblown, especially when we are talking about moderation. I could imagine if a guy had half a bottle of Musk on or something, but who does that these days?

    I have had many, many scents. Expensive ones, cheap ones, rare ones, bad ones. I have found that my favorites are found in the drug store shaving isle. Old Spice, Aqua Velva, English Leather, Brut, and a few others that cost less than a bottle of whisky. They're the things I keep coming back to.

    So... back to the question. I wear a scent for me and maybe for one other person
  2. I want to feel fresh and clean. I definitely don’t want want to attract attention. That’s why I use aftershave rather than cologne.
  3. Because I like to smell it when I first apply it, and it's just a cherry on top of a great shave. Most of the time I am never in any situation where wearing a frag would get me any attention or where anyone will smell it. I wear it for personal enjoyment.
  4. Yeah, I hear ya on the fragrance-free zones. They seem to be proliferating.

    I adjust my scents to accommodate those areas if I can. Avoid the high-sillage types and go for the Bay Rums or Limes.
  5. For me, one little spritz of cologne on my neck/chest (while holding the bottle at arms length) is a nice way to finish off my shave. Although I like the scents, there's no way to know how others will react so I primarily spray this one little spritz after my shave and before I get dressed so I can feel fresh/clean, not so coworkers can smell me when they are next to me.
  6. Ever since I sniffed my fathers aftershave I've always had a fascination with colognes and aftershaves.

    Seems like the scents can lift my spirits a bit. An aroma therapy type thing. Hopefully others that notice the scent I'm wearing feel the same. Occasionally I get a compliment or an inquiry and it makes me feel good as well.
  7. The most obvious fact when considering the importance of wearing perfume/colognes is the main purpose of the fragrance is to keep unpleasant body odors at bay and make sure you smell fresh throughout the day. It also helps to, boosts confidence. Enhances the mood.
  8. It’s the only thing that makes me feel good anymore.
  9. Is this by law?
  10. I have always enjoyed the scent of an aftershave or edt. As others have said, it finishes off the bathing/shaving ritual and just makes you feel clean and fresh. The occasional compliment is always appreciated. I work as a correction officer and the housing units aren’t always the best smelling areas.

    Does a confident person wear a scent or does wearing a scent make you feel confident?

    For many years I wore only aftershaves. I’d alternate between Pinaud Clubman, Bay Rum and Special Reserve. I like the classics.

    Recently I’ve started wearing edt’s on a daily basis. I found a bottle of Polo Blue that was just hanging out in the linen closet. I think it was my son’s and started using that. With a little research into men’s classic scents, I’ve picked up Aramis, Mohair (Creed GIT knock off) and I just ordered some Dunhill Original and Vetiver Guerlain thanks to reading some posts here at B&B.

    To summarize, I like to smell good and I like to smell like a man and classic scents do that for me.

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  11. Okay... it works as a flower when you smell a rose, for instance, you feel that scent and I meant really Similarly when you're in the office or especially in the meeting you wanna feel confident and what's a better way to surround yourself with good fragrance! what you think???
  12. I wear the fragrances that I like. They also put me a different mood. I like some of the 80's power cologne and still were one today. I like to smell good and it gives me a call quiet confidence when I do. If someone doesn't like what I'm wearing they move so they have to smell it. I usually put on 1-3 sprays more like 1-2 sprays and just a small puddle in my hand if it's not a splash on. I try not to over do it.
  13. My Wife complained Frederic Malle French Lover smell like **** on me but I don’t care about her feelings.
  14. naughtilus

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    To keep insects and women away.
  15. I wear scents to express my inner self. I often feel like I was born in the wrong era. I love the classics because it's a way to do a bit of time travel in your day to day life. I also like the fact that older scents are more masculine, which seems to have fallen out of fashion for a lot of reasons (we won't go there).

    I also wear my scents because I am a lot more classically masculine than a lot of people take me for when they first meet me. I'm a small guy, I look young, and it's really not my style to overcompensate with a big truck and all that BS guys do to assert themselves. I'd rather wear some Aramis and just let people figure it out on their own.
  16. Well said Sir.

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  17. Thanks very much
  18. I'm in the because I like it crew
  19. Because a great fragrance is one of life's pleasures, and life is short.

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