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Why do you wear a fragrance?

Question came up obliquely in another thread, and I figured I'd start my own thread on it rather than hi-jack that one.

Why do you wear an aftershave/cologne? While reflecting on my reasons I came up with alot of other ones. Not saying my reason is right, or anyone elses reasons are wrong. Just wondering what you gents think.

I wear a fragrance because I like it. I don't care what anyone else thinks (unless the wife absolutely hates it - then I'll only wear it when I'm away during the day! ) I also don't wear a cologne to impress somebody. Musk's are supposed to attract women. I'd wear it because I like the scent and the longevity.

Maybe you like the way a certain scent makes you feel. Perhaps it brings back the memory of someone who used to wear it. Maybe you like to smell like John Wayne. Or you wanna support a long standing company. Or you've been told (or you think) that a certain age or station in life "demands" a certain cologne. Or you'll fit in with your group if you wear such and such. These are most of the reasons I came up with.

What do you guys think?
I wear fragrances because I like to smell good. I don't worry what other people around me think about the way I smell because I feel like I wear pretty nice smelling fragrances. Even if someone doesn't like what I'm wearing I figure it sux to be them.
I have more than a few, those little bottles you find at the flea market with their version of frankincense or vanilla or nag champa. And they last forever. Why? Because they smell awesome. I wish I could wear patchouli but, we all know what happened with that one.
ha! It's better! although... brownies are pretty much icing right?

anywho I wear because I like it, because I have it, because I never did my first 55 years and I think I missed something. Then again, I could be wrong on all counts any day now... sooooo...


I wear it because I like it as well. My wife likes certain ones and has said so in the past. I wear those when I'm out on date night, but she has never stated she doesn't like a fragrance.

I also like cheapies and expensive ones. If you like it, it will suit you. Confidence makes the scent. If you're not sure about it, don't wear it. That, and not wearing too much.... I am not a miser on sprays, just appropriate. I try not to leave a vapor trail.

I also laugh when people use the old man vs kid fragrance arguments. I don't believe it for a second. Older fragrances get called old man for various reasons, but many of the newer hip fragrances for the young executive crowd smell like something from the 60s to me. Instant classic for some. Women like nice smelling, confident men and that never changes.

My 2 cents.

Cool thread.

Ad Astra

The Instigator
...because I never did my first 55 years and I think I missed something ....
This. Once I realized I really like aftershaves, it grew into colognes.

Avoided them up til this point. Others' colognes annoy; mine "color the day" and deserve to be shared with the world!

Wearing a great fragrance just sets me up for a good day. Especially helpful after a few hours and a tough day at the office.
You move a little and get a whiff of that great cologne - makes you smile and feel good all over again!
Because it makes me feel special and I like to smell it throughout the day but also because I sometimes get compliments, which is always nice!