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Why do you wear a fragrance?

When I wore scent it was because I wanted to smell good to those around me as well as enjoying it myself. Now I don't wear any perceptible scent. I only wear Bay Rum because it is, to me, thee best aftershave ever concocted. Nobody else can smell it and that's fine with me.

I've become quite sensitive to scent in my middle-age and can't stand to wear it anymore on my person.

When I wear scent these days it's never in a social setting, only when I'm alone and it's only a drop on the back of my hand. I wear it to enjoy it, usually while enjoying a cocktail in the Evening while smoking a cigar while relaxing from the days escapades.

Enjoy what you like.

I need to try Bay Rum. I keep hearing such great things about it. If I can't get some of the vintage Avon BR, I'm going to try Masters. Seems to get alot of good reviews here.

I, too, have had an on-again, off-again relationship with cologne and such. I wore them in my 20's, then dropped off for about 10 years or so. I had some of the old stand-by's, but didn't wear them often. About a year and a half ago I started a retail job, and picked up the fragrance bug again.

I no longer work retail, but wear fragrance every day. I've noticed I just like being able to smell a pleasant scent during the day. Don't really care what anyone else thinks. No one has either complimented or complained to me during all this time. Perhaps I should pour on some more? lol
I like the feel of aftershave on freshly shaved skin, I especially like the cool refreshing feel of aftershave that I've doctored with menthol crystals during the July/August heatwave. Alternatively I also like the invigorating feel of menthol early on a cold winter morning - guaranteed to wake me up faster than Torrefacto coffee !!

Having said all that, I wear aftershaves/colognes with (different) individual fragrances because I happen to like the particular scents.
My all time favourite is Tabac Original, but that's my "special night out" fragrance
Williams Expert Aqua Velva is my favourite daytime fragrance
My favourite night time fragrance is a toss up between Old Spice Fresh Lime and Brut Original
Mennan Skin Bracer is a good aftershave for me. Nice, cooling sensation, scent lasts about 2-3 hours.
My wife likes vintage Avon Windjammer - and I like Wild Country - so, those two gotta be kept on hand.
My absolute favorite frag is Jovan Sex Appeal for Men. (This 50's old guy could care less if it attracts women!)
Increased sense of good hygiene. Not that it makes me any cleaner, but smelling good doesn't hurt. I don't care to smell up a whole room, though.
I enjoy it when someone walks past me and smells really nice. I want to be that guy for other people.
Totally agree with Otto, I also enjoy the fragance myself sniffing my wrists now and then.
The compliments reaffirms that it is pleasant to others ( right fragance and right amount of perfume)

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I like the pleasing, subtle scent. I use a very small amount because some people are sensitive to scents and many places are chemical-free. There's nothing as suffocating as being in close quarters with someone who overdid it on the scent, no matter what it is.
I grew up relatively poor in a low income area. When I would go with my mother to the local Save-A-Lot for groceries the store often had a stank about it. You would walk past able bodied men who smelled like they just didn't bathe. It wasn't the smell of hard work sweat, but the BO of not giving a damn about ones own self. My folks would have slapped me into next week if I didn't bathe.

Later on in my life I graduated to colognes. Always enjoyed wearing them and loved to smell good. To send the message of taking the extra step in a hygiene regimen.

Now days I keep my eyes open for those Dove Men+Care boxes. The ones that have shampoo, deodorant, and some other thing at a discounted price. Old Spice has something similar. I donate those to the local charity that works with the school children. Some of these kids "parents" blow money needed for necessities on smokes. These kids have no soap or deodorant. You can help them out and maybe point a young man in the right direction of self ownership. Ask if your school system has a similar program.

Sorry for the long obnoxious post. Like everyone else has said, it just makes life a little better.
Sorry for the long obnoxious post. Like everyone else has said, it just makes life a little better.
No apologies necessary, bro.

We all come from different walks of life, with different experiences. It's refreshing to hear about people who care enough about others to give. If that gift is soap and aftershave, more power to ya! :thumbup1:
Others' colognes annoy; mine "color the day" and deserve to be shared with the world!
Funny! Reminds me of George Carlin - Did you ever notice that all your junk is stuff, and everybody else's stuff is junk?

Because 60% of the time, it works every time! And it has real bits of Panther, so you know it's good.
Oh my god, it smells like a used diaper filled with Indian food!
It's a formidable scent. It stings the nostrils... in a good way.

Good stuff!!
I used to wear cologne back when I was young and single, trying to attract a mate. Now that I'm an old married fart, it's just aftershave. Fortunately, my wife likes all the aftershaves that I use.
I commute to work on the train in Australia. Often I don't get a seat so standing using the hanging strap you want to have your hygiene right ..... and smell good in the crowd.
I like to smell good. I don't want to smell like I sprayed a whole bottle but if someone gets close it's nice for them to notice. I'm heavily tattooed and I'm a plumber but I really like floral stuff. Almost feminine . Prada Amber and my new penhaligons zizonia are my current go to. I like most colognes I smell just can't afford some of them. I think the biggest part for me is just knowing I put a little prep time for the day and that kick starts my mood.
Wearing a great fragrance just sets me up for a good day. Especially helpful after a few hours and a tough day at the office.
You move a little and get a whiff of that great cologne - makes you smile and feel good all over again!
Because it makes me feel special and I like to smell it throughout the day but also because I sometimes get compliments, which is always nice!
This is exactly why I wear fragrances. It's a confidence builder, and is something that makes a bad day better and a good day great. Plus, if SWMBO likes the frag, there are other bonuses as well...