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T & H Sandalwood Balm

Hi All:

T & H Sandalwood balm has been discussed often before. I apologize in advance for bringing it up yet again, However…
I’m a fan of the scent of their Sandalwood. Some may say it’s not a Sandalwood and more of a citrus scent, but I don’t care. If I shave with say, Haslinger Schafmilch and Spray on the cologne, I like the way I smell. The problem is that the matching T&H Sandalwood balm is so faint as to be non-existent. I’m not going to pay a premium for an unscented balm merely because it’s made by a luxury producer. This Emperor indeed has no clothes. I’d rather use Nivea. That said, does anyone have a recommendation for an after shave that has some of the same characteristics? Please don’t recommend Tobbs, as I detest the stuff.

Thanks in advance.
T&H Sandalwood balm is very faint. I have a bottle and use it. If you want to have more fragrance then applying a EdT might meet your needs. The Trumper skin foods are indeed wonderful, by the way.
Is there a reason you have to use a shaving related balm? Just finish off your shave with witchhazel/alum, use a simple scent free face moisturiser and then wear the cologne a little heavier. Imo, balm is always priced at a premium considering it is effectively moisturiser with fragrance and tends to not do the job of a balm as well as a face cream or the job of a splash as well as a splash/cologne.
several sandalwood aftershaves are similar to t&h, imho!
and, fwiw, i love tobs sandalwood, just me!

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