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GIVEAWAY! Wholly Kaw Batman, That's a Boar-A PIF!

Hello superheroes! And hello people who know what a superhero is!

It's time for another pif. And this pif has a superhero theme because a tub of Wholly Kaw soap is involved thanks to the superhero generosity of Pasteur Pharmacy. You can read how generous Leon at Pasteur Pharmacy has been in this thread.

Some of us are young enough to remember Batman on TV with Robin giving some great "Holy Cow" comments when they were surprised by the villain. Or during the fight the illustrated BIF, BAM on the screen. Wholly Kaw is just too obvious (to me, at least) to not have a superhero theme for this pif.

I would like this pif to go to someone that has been an active participant on B & B, and has participated in some of the banter on this marvelous forum.
To enter, you need to have been a registered member of B & B for at least 6 months & have at least 25 quality posts. If you have won a pif in the past year, you are not eligible, we'll let someone else have a chance.

I'm hoping some long-time members decide to throw their names in! Come on, guys!

To enter, there are three things I ask:
1) Say "I'm in"
2) Tell us who your favorite good guy superhero is
3) Tell us what superpower you would most like to have
Feel free to elaborate on your superpower wish as much as you like. After all, it's the banter that makes this such a wonderful forum!

And what will Batman & Robin personally deliver in their Batmobile to your home if you win?

- One brand new 4 ounce tub of Wholly Kaw Timmermann Classic 1869 Shaving Soap. This is the Siero base, so you're in for a fantastic shave with this soap. Formulated by Wholly Kaw exclusively for Pasteur Pharmacy, this collaboration has a rich story recognizing the history of shaving while using the modern high-quality standards we wet shavers have come to expect.
- But wait, Batman, there's amore! That's my feeble attempt at Italian humor! The winner also receives a new Zenith 80N boar brush. With a 26mm knot, this brush will pamper your face & let you experience the joy of boar.
- And finally, included is a 5 pak of Personna Comfort Coated de blades.

This pif is open to B & B members in the USA & Canada.

I'll leave this open for a while, a week, maybe more. Then I'll select a winner.

Thank you @dmshaver for another great PIF.

Respecfully not in as my 10years of daily shaves soap stash transformed into a lifetime now that I shave every 2-3 days and still trying to finish my first soap.
I have only been a member for two and a half months and already won a PIF, so respectfully not in. But good luck to all participants!

Favorite super hero: Jesus
Super power: Super speed (not the razor)



"Self appointed king of Arkoland"
I can't enter! I made the mistake of reading the fine print doggone! (I win every PIF that I enter, I think!)

BUT! in the spirit of the PIF, and to aid my friend @Hms123 in how to me "More Like Tan" here is a secret: I am incredibly handsome, but my true Super Power is my ability to remain so humble! Yes, with great power comes great responsibility my friends.

Remember that when you wish upon a star! Your dreams MAY just come true, and it can be an immense burden!
I’m in. Aquaman - I spent a lot of time in and around water as a kid. Loved him being able to talk to all water animals. (Wonder Women - unobtainable hotty to all. I guess is not eligible.) I read a lot of Spiderman comics in college - but he never ends up with the babe and is too nerdy. Time travel would be a fun but scary superpower. I am going with that.
Nice PIF, thanks for sponsoring it, David! I'm not in since I won a PIF already this year. Besides that, I'm pretty well-supplied with brushes, soaps and blades, so have to at least attempt to use up what I already have.


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Holy Toledo Batman, I'm already disqualified before I opened my mouth!

That's right Robbin, you've got to be 6-months member before you can drive the batmobile.

And then can I drive it? No, that's when you can wash it.

PS: Star Wahl Clipper Treker, a 2-months member, who loves his shaving journey.
1. Respectfully not in, as I (a) have only been a member for 5 months, (b) have only 9 quality posts, and (c) won some nice blades already.

However for fun:

2. The Tick! (best sidekick ever is Gleek, the monkey from the Superfriends)

3. I already have a superpower, the ability to hit every single red light on Shawnee Mission Parkway. True story, doggone. Or maybe that's my kryptonite. I'd like to be able to teleport though!

Good luck to everyone who enters!
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Great PIF!
Respectfully not in, as I have a brush already and my soap has plenty of life left on it.
I will say that the superpower I'd like is super smell: I wish I always smelled good to others.
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