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Who says a boar can't hold enough lather?

Here's my 1305 after three passes, face lathered with Proraso cream. ( I'm a three pass shaver.) I used the normal almond sized dollop applied directly to the brush and went straight to the face. There's easily enough lather left in the brush for a fourth, and possibly a fifth pass. For me, a fully broken-in boar will hold plenty of lather. As always, YMMV.
My semogue 620 only had enough for 2 passes this morning...I still say the key to boars holding enough lather is loft. Bowl lathering also works.
My semogue 2000 holds enough lather for both of my fiance's legs! I know because I watched :thumbup::drool::001_tt1: She's got some purty legs!

My Omega Pro 49 will hold enough for 4 passes - my Semogue 2000 is 2 passes at best as is my Omega 80005. I REALLY wanted both the 2000 and the 80005 to do better - but the Pro 49 literally destroyed them overall. I'm sure there is a boars brush even better than the Pro 49 and I am determined to find it. If anyone knows of a boar brush that will hold more lather than an Omega Pro 48 or Pro 49....PLEASE tell me and I will buy it.
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