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Who has the best wife on B&B? This guy!! Pics inside!

So for christmas my wife bought me one of those cosmetic organizers to keep my shave stuff in because my side of the bathroom was becoming more and more of a disaster by the day.

I thought that was as far as it'd go...but i was wrong.

I come home today from a long day of coaching to this!!
She bought me all of this stuff...for no good reason other than i guess she must love me or somethin...:001_smile


We're lookin at Speick aftershave, DR Harris Arlington Aftershave, Prorasso Sensitive, Musgo Cream, TOBS Lavender Soap, Cella, MWF, A DE89L, Merkur 37C, 100 Personna Reds, 50 Feathers, and 50 Astras.


Here's a few other pics of the little cabinet open in different configurations.



Cheers! :thumbup:
She loves you and loves the fact that you are trying to good sharp and smell nice! She wants all the stuff to make you look and smell good, to look classy as well. Your one lucky guy! :thumbup1:
That is an awesome cabinet! Guess she figured you should have it full up but man she has some great taste in products!

You're a lucky fella. Buy her a nice Lady Gillette, a soft badger brush of her own and some nice feminine scented soap (depending on her scent preferance i can recommend some if you like) to say thank you and that you would love to share your hobby with her:thumbup:
I would say she definitely loves you.

After my latest purchases and catching me looking at razors on ebay my wife asked when she should call that show "Intervention" for me. :laugh:
The big question is which new soap to try first!

MWF? Cella? Prorasso sensitive? Or TOBS lavender?
I guess you could call her a "keeper". Rather than ***** or get jealous she wants to make you happy! Sounds like a good deal to me! Now go take her out and enjoy yourselves...
Nice...just showed my wife the pics. Do you know where your wife picked up the cabinet! I've got to provide a little direction on my side.:ohmy:
ok plz ask her where she got the cabinet, its pretty awesome.

found a lil too much $$$ but its decent value, this is a great idea iam gonna look around to see if there will be something similarly available locally.
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