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Vendor Interview - Vintage Blades


"Got Shoes?"
Now that was one great interview. Thanks to Jim for partaking in this endeavor and thanks to Dave for putting it together for us. Good stuff. Now where are the pics of the new Merkur razors. :biggrin:
Great interview!

The most interesting thing about the interview is his comments on brush dimensions. I think it's widely believed that his are different than Classic Shaving's offerings.

Jim was a bit humble about this. He requested brush dimension changes for Vintage stock that Rooney then made the standard. We specifically put that question into the Interview to help clear this issue up.
Very informative, thanks to Dave and Jim. It was very interesting to read that VB was started only around 2005, having talked with Jim a number of times i was under the impression that he has been in this business for a few decades. Just when i thought i was done buying razors Jim decides to introduce a special Merkur line. So how do we get on the waiting list. :001_smile
Interesting interview, I just wish VB would ship overseas.

I managed to get some Penaligon's BB soap with help from a US B&B forum member, but that soap will have many frequent flyer points by the time it gets here!! A direct deal would have been so much easier especially since no one else seems to have the soap at the moment (including the Penhaligons site).

yep yep good stuff i orderd 99 percent of my wetshaving stuff from them quality service and fast shipping right on and i wish them well in their business ventures..
A very informative and eye-opening interview. Some of it scary. :eek:

As a Canadian, unfortunately we can no longer purchase from Vintage Blades but I share a fondness for this particular vendor along with so many others.

I made my first brush purchase from Vintage Blades. It was a Vulfix 2233. Generously & shrewdly, Jim sent along a sample of Castle Forbes Lime &
D R Harris Arlington shave cream samples. :001_smile
"B&B: Here is some late breaking news: At the end of April Vintage will be carrying special versions of the 34C & 38C, a few 37C Slants and 34G, 37G Merkur razors. These special versions will be available with handles in exotic wood (Amboina) and a natural stone material (white quartz with gold veins). These will be a Vintage Blades exclusive and available in limited quantities.

:drool: :drool: :drool:"

White Quartz for me please... and Penhaligon's too? :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

Jim provides great service folks. One of the best.
Jim is a great guy and spent a lot of time on the responses. I was especially psyched about his discussion on how he sends feedback (good and bad) from the forums to the manufacturers he does business with

The most interesting thing about the interview is his comments on brush dimensions. I think it's widely believed that his are different than Classic Shaving's offerings.

Lucky they are the same, otherwise I'd have a worse case of BAD than I already have:rolleyes:
Excellent interview. I have always enjoyed ordering from Vintage Blades, as their site is one of the most easily navigable shave sites. Am especially glad that Jim picked up Pens.
So many great vendors, it's hard to spread the $$$ around to all of them...but I do my best :tongue:

Thanks for great the interview


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Recently I posted in jest how the Rooney brushes that Classic Shaving receives are the same as those I receive except that their brushes “lean slightly to the left and mine lean slightly to the right”. I’m not sure that my so-called humor translates well into this medium.

I for one got a real kick out of that bit of humour. :biggrin:
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