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My new shave den (probably too long, and quite a few pics)

Coolest use of suitcases ever! I love how everything is period correct and looks like the advertising. Great job, that is incredible!
To edit BSAGuy, the FATHER of all shave dens...

Great looking room and a fantastic use of antiques and found items. I particulary like the surface mounted vessel sink. Very period but practical as well and a great match with the spigot.

I envy your new den and your very supportive wife.
Thanks so much, again, for the comments! I really appreciate it.

If anyone has interest in a few more details, (I like details - if you don't particularly care, I understand, and please don't waste any of your day with the rest of this post!) a few things come to mind. the two bottles with gold-colored liquid behind the sink are Clubman and Clubman vanilla, in old Pinaud Paris bottles (which I've seen a number of you have here on the forum!) The large rhum bottle is an old painted-label Rhum liquor bottle from the Virgin Islands that I found online...don't remember where. It's holding Gabel's Bay Rum. I never wear Gabels, but I had it, and it just doesn't seem right to have a shaving area with no Bay Rum...
I do pop the cork for a sniff every now and again.

I've been varying what is on the counter from time to time. Not sure I love the setup yet. It's hard to keep a balance between clean and uncluttered, while still keeping my shave items at hand, along with a little "color". In the pictures, you can see an early-60's AV bottle, and a full vintage bottle of Brut in the glass. I love AV. Not a huge Brut fan, which is strange, because I LOVED the smell of that stuff as a kid. That bottle is there simply because I remember there always being one exactly like it on the stand in my dad's bathroom. Really brings back memories every time I look at it.

Not sure if you can make it out, but there is a 50's scissor-type mirror mounted to the wall on the left side above the counter (the remainder of that wall is a mirrored medicine cabinet). I bought that old scissor mirror at a shop for a few bucks, with the intention of cleaning it up and either putting it in my wife's bathroom, or reselling it. After an hour with the Dremel and some polishing compound, it looked almost new, with just enough patina left to indicate it's age. I don't really use it, but once cleaned, I felt like my den couldn't live without it...

The razor stands are sitting on another Boos item: It's a knife block I got for free when a bought a piece of wood there a year or so ago. Haven't really found a use for it, but I like the height at which it places the razors/brushes, plus the slits in the wood are great for not allowing drips from drying brushes to accumulate on the counter, and there are walnut accents in the cherry block, so it looks in place on the counter, for now anyway...

Eventually, I'll probably build a small rack of some kind that runs under the length of the main mirror, on top of the counter, to hold razors, brushes, display bottles....but for now, I'm just going to shave in there for awhile.
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