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Which Rooney or EJ brushes is great for cream?

I'm having a hard time and I was still researching for the right brushes for the past few months. So tell me, Which one is great for shaving cream, Rooney super Style 1 in medium or large or Edwin Jagger super badger in medium or large?

I check the site at www.truefittandhill.com and I see Rooney in style 1 in small, medium, and large and also they have classical style. For me, I'm not sure what I'm going to get. It took me days to think what I'm going to buy 2nd brush. I love to get Edwin Jagger Super badger but I'm afraid that EJ is shedding few hairs and after that it perfect. But Rooney 1/1 in medium or large bager, it hard to tell if it a great brush.

It Rooney style 1 is very popular choice?

Do you think I shoud get medium size or the large size for Rooney style 1 and Edwin Jagger?

I do feel comfortable holding a large brush but I did hold my brother's medium best badger and it was ok but little annoying.

Please help me!!

Chris A:confused:
I have an E-J large silvertip (not super) and it's an excellent brush to use with creams. I don't have a Rooney to compare but I would expect it to be more dense and have more backbone. Check the measurements carefully - I seem to remember that the large E-J is actually smaller than the medium Rooney.
I have a EJ SBB and it's great with creams and soap. It's nice and firm yet applies both very nicely and it's not prickly when applying it on your face.
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