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What’s the appeal of big brushes?

I like them just because they just feel nice some times lol the larger ones I have used have been springy and almost feels exfoliating and i swear it just keeps the warmth a little more with its mass.
My big brushes feel like the height of luxury to me. They make lather profusely and are nice for old arthritic hands to hang on to.
I am face lathering with a Maggard's 26mm synthetic brush, which was one of the largest they had when I was at their store. A large brush covers a larger surface area, is more efficient, feels nicer on skin, and allows me to gently massage my face with it while applying lather. Weight is really not an issue, it's still a small and light object, it's only large relative to other brushes.
Being a face latherer and head shaver, bigger brushes serve the purpose. My favorite brushes are in 28-30mm range. I definitely enjoy 26mm brushes but won't go lower than 24mm if it's up to me.

My smallest badger is the Duke 3 in Best; of course, I own several Chubby 2's and a Chubby 3. The ones in Best are only different in size. The Chubby 2 in Super must be a hybrid knot as it has not opened up like the ones in Best.

I own 2 Masetos-each in 30mm but the Beehive is a Bulb knot; still very enjoyable but not the 'wall of lather' I like to feel.

Out of a total of 35 brushes, possibly 5 total are in the 24mm range.

If you've never tried a large brush face lathering, then your missing a wonderful experience!
I have a SV badger, 28mm i think, and it's pure shave heaven.
Unless the soap bowl is tiny, loading the brush is NO problem. Neither is lathering your face.
Large brushes do hold a lot of lather and may use a bit more soap but the result is lather of the highest quality and a shave truly luxurious.
If my journey is anything typical, I started many years ago with 24 mm brushes and then worked my way up to larger brushes, never to exceed 30 mm, thinking that they might give me a more luxurious feel when applying lather.

Before long, and recognizing the error of my ways :001_cool:, I stepped down to a 26 mm size and have in the last years bought, with a single 26 mm exception, brushes in the 22-24 mm size range.

For me, big brushes were a transitory phenomenon and I learned soon enough that the historically favoured 24-26 mm (later 22 to 24 mm) range gave me everything that I was looking for.

BTW, there is a similar trend in straight razors, where many new shavers soon move to larger razors (7/8 and even larger “meat cleavers”), before realizing that the proven 5/8 to 6/8 sizes give a better combination of lather carrying ability and maneuverability.

I am not trying to talk anyone out of buying “big”, but my guess is that many long-time shavers end up favouring somewhat smaller, tried-and-tested sizes, just like I do.

I also discovered that, unlike varnished brushes, painted brushes tend to have a short lifespan.
Even when bought from a known quality manufacturer, painted brushes carry the risk that moisture gets under the paint coat and soon the paint starts flaking off.
Some of my brushes are over twenty years old and still serve me well, but I have not a single painted brush in my den because I like to hang on to my brushes for a long time.

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New own anything most consider big, the brushes I have always used have been budget brushes.

Just can’t bring self to spend big bucks on a pricy brush, what I have works ok.
I started with a couple smaller 22mm to 24mm brushes that worked but required extra effort to generate my desired lather. Within a few months I acquired my first 26mm brush and found lathering ease and quality vastly improved. Would never go back to the smaller brushes. All three of my brushes are 26mm now. Don't see a need for anything larger. Also since I load from shaving mugs or similar size containers a larger brush could be counter productive.
you really will have to try different handles to find out what works best for you. i get the comparison to paint brushes but i think the way you hold a shaving brush is different from holding a paint brush so it's not a 1:1 comparison imho
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