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Which Razors Give You the Best Results?

Eben Stone

Staff member
My favorite razors do not necessarily give me the best shave.
I get it. My favorite razors are the Blackland Darts (I have both, machined and polished) and Yaqi Knight Helmet. The razors that give me the best results (in no particular order): Wardonia, Henson Ti +++, RazoRock Lupo 1.27, Wolfman Guerrilla .99, Shield Evolution AC. I prefer the challenge of aggressive razors. My non-favorites are too easy.
For me, I'd have to give first place to my Blackbird TI OC with Wizamet blades. Second Place goes to a Oneblade Genesis. Third is a four way tie between a Timeless TI .95 scalloped with Kai blade, a Henson Ti + with a Feather or BIC, a Henson Ti++ with a Perma-Sharp or 7 O'clock Black, and a Blackbird TI Lite with an Israeli Red blade.
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