Which is the best High End Razor?

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Which High End Razor brand is Best?

  1. Above The Tie

  2. Wolfman

  3. Timeless

  4. Blackland

  5. Charcoal Goods

  6. Rockwell

  7. Feather

  8. Karve

  9. Raw Shaving

  10. Rex Supply Co

    As someone who has used all of the above, except for Rex Ambassador, I offer an relatively educated vote. For Raw Shaving.
  1. I voted Timeless and find it to be the best have tried! I have a SS.95 SB and love it. I have never tried the Wolfman and would love to own one, but I find it extremely irritating that it is so difficult to buy one. For the money and availability, it is Timeless.
  2. I think this is a valid question because many people want a new, high end razor but do not have a good idea of what to buy. I am also glad that companies can make a go at making de razors. My idea of good high end razor is one that has stood the test of time and is still highly sought after, so many to choose from.
  3. That would tell me that your razor in fact "isn't" made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum like you thought it was... Now that I think about it some more and I'm thinking that that particular pic has been posted somewhere here before and there was talk about materials that Ikon said they made their products from and some testing being done to dispute their claims and such. I'll do some research to see what I can find, but from that pic of the Ikon Tech polished head tells anyone it anything but Aircraft Quality Aluminum or in fact any where near High End!! That was all I was referring to...

    eta... I am editing this to add Jim's pic to show the different layers that Ikon has said is Aircraft Grade Aluminum...
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  4. Esox

    Esox Ambassador

    It wouldnt need to be plated either. 6061 takes a polish pretty well, but it will oxidize.
  5. I'm sure it was my razor under discussion. My recollection is that Ikon never claimed anything like solid aluminum but rather stated the material was a "proprietary aluminum composite". Vendors and users may have made other claims on their own.
  6. You're not the only one to have said that, I bought one over the weekend, can't wait!
  7. Just looking at the RS-10 I can't see anything special about the design, and it doesn't look particularly rigid either. What am I missing here?
  8. I agree that at first look I didn’t see anything special about the RS10, beyond a great finish, but after one shave it is different for me, smooth and efficient with a Feather blade everytime.
  9. pbrmhl

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    I agree with your comments regarding Wolfman, @loot. I bought the .74 WR1 several years ago, when it was deemed the "aggressive" Wolfman. I suspect if I tried the modern "aggressive" version, at .94, I would actually use and love it.
  10. Since the CGL3 SB is a hit for you, I have to think the WR1 .94 SB would be as well. As I've said elsewhere, the two offer a very similar shave. In my opinion, the CGL3 is a fraction more aggressive. That much I'm quite sure of. Both are smooth as silk. Both offer great blade feel but, not having them side by side, I don't know which is more blade forward. I want to say the CG but it's a guess.
  11. You seem to be assuming the worst, my friend. I'd like to see more analysis. If it were to turn out the core of the razor were Zamak and vulnerable to degradation over time, I'd agree that it's not a high-end razor. But just because it's not a cast as a solid ingot of aluminum doesn't tell me enough to be willing to go there.
  12. pbrmhl

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    Your comments, Roy, are much appreciated. I trust you (and your face), so I likely will avoid spending more stomach lining on trying to swap my Wolfman, and simply sell it. If the CG is a fraction more aggressive, that's good enough for me (as I like aggression, as you know). I will live contentedly without a Wolfman.
  13. Given how rare the .94 is, it's hard to imagine landing one without winning the lottery better known as the Wolfman return key marathon. If I suddenly found myself face-to-face with an open Wolfman website, would be hard to resist the temptation. Don't think I'd fret about the best choice and just content myself with the WR1 .94 and work to get my order in before Brigadoon disappeared for another hundred years.

    That said, with the CGL3 in hand I feel no need for said miracle. Only the knowledge that I could easily turn around and resell the Wolfman without taking a loss makes it a no-brainer.
  14. Dragonsbeard

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    I know you like a very efficient razor and having shaved with the CG L 3 DC a lot over the yrs I can say for sure that the WR1 .94 DC is a bit more efficient than the Level 3 Charcoal Level 3 as far as overall Shave especially when using the OC side of the WR1. I’m sure you’d see the difference if you did a side by side as I have. The WR1 is also smoother and holds the blade a lot more rigid than the CG does. They are both 2 of my top 5 modern razors but the .94 DC is only exceeded in efficiency by the Ikon Tech and the 2011 R41 as those two razors are the only 2 razors that have given me a 36 hr BBS. I’m waiting to try a .135 WR2 to see if that surpasses the .94 DC.
    I’d sell your 74 and on the secondary market you could probably sell it for what fuse the money for a new either WR1.94 DC or I’d get the WR2.135
    Just my 2 cents on the subject.
  15. No worries, Frank. My sense has been that your perspective is that there's a degree of objectivity to these assessments. I agree to an extent but my sense is that my perspective includes a bit more space for subjectivity. Therefore my recollection that the SB .94 is being slightly less aggressive than the SB CGL3 doesn't surprise me or seem wrong. Just one of those YMMV things.

    I've not tried the OC .94. The OC CGL3 is definitely most aggressive of the three I've tried (though still behind the Ikon Tech by a reasonably small but not subtle measure). Would love the chance to try the OC .94. If it managed to be as smooth as the SB .94, it would likely become my favorite razor. The OC CGL3 fell behind the SB version because it wasn't as smooth. That's also why the Ikon Tech is no longer at the top of my list. That razor is the one I'd call on if I'd not shaved in four days. But for a typical workday shave, the SB CGL3 lights up the experience in a way that no other razor has quite managed to accomplish.

    It's worth noting that, again from my perspective, this is part art and part science. Part of what I love about my new shiny copper CGL3 is the way it looks and also its feel with that long, heavy Torpedo handle. That contributes to my experience.

    I've not tried all of the Wolfman handles but neither of the two I used (the WRH1 and WRH3) were particularly appealing. You had recommended one, the WRH2, which I hope to get a chance to try at some point. Were I to have the chance to buy one, I would go with that handle based in part on your recommendation and in part on the photos I've seen and the stats as to weight and length. The WRH7 looks cool but I'm sure it would be too light for my taste.
  16. X1000...the Raw RS-10 must be experienced...one shave and I was a believer...best razor in my den.
  17. Paradigm should really be included. Every razor they have offered is top notch.

    And as far as high end, I've used they term as well. When I say it, I mean a quality material and quality design. Not just a copied design. And the finishing and fine details that complete the razor and the users experience with it. It is true that the GameChanger is a high end razor, but it lacks some of the finishing details when comparing to others on this list. Also, this thread clearly calls out the best Brand and not the Best Razor.

    I would place the RS-10 as my best razor, but overall I have to the give the brand nod to Wolfman. I would also place Charcoal Goods and Paradigm up there. It's the same with Razorock. They have a few great razors, but the overall brand isn't as high end.
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  18. DCRIII

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    Gillette Toggle for my vote.
  19. I agree 100% on both points...well said! Paradigm is my favorite brand, but the RS-10 is my best performing razor.

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