Which is the best High End Razor?

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by firstsafety, Feb 15, 2019.

Which High End Razor brand is Best?

  1. Above The Tie

  2. Wolfman

  3. Timeless

  4. Blackland

  5. Charcoal Goods

  6. Rockwell

  7. Feather

  8. Karve

  9. Raw Shaving

  10. Rex Supply Co

    I'm thinking this thread has probably ran its course and as with anything in life, not everyone is or thinks the same as others and this topic, no matter how many times its brought up and hashed out, seems to have the same outcome and it seems to just keep going round in circles at some point like it has been the last few days. It reminds me of one of the best motto's my parents taught me growing up, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result"!! The result of any of the dozen I've seem posted of these "best of" threads are all the same in my opinion...
  1. Paradigm has come out with some great razors. The 17-4 was my smoothest/efficient best combo till I got the RS10.
  2. Agreed 100%...the Ti2 is also nice and smooth. I do agree with you that the RS-10 edges them both out slightly in the smoothness department. Especially with a Feather blade.
  3. Agree on all points. In price, fit, finish and performance, Paradigm is the equal of any of these. My RS-10 is a top-performing razor, but the Ti2 is its equal IMO.
  4. I'm fine with people continuing to discuss but agree that, at least on the main issue of which razors are most worthy of praise, we're not going to reach consensus. This is one of those topics where the best we can do is take an interest in each other's perspectives. Within that discussion, we learn about our similarities and differences with others.
  5. Dragonsbeard

    Dragonsbeard Contributor

    I'm inclined to agree. To me it was a simple answer to a simple poll. Since he listed the razors he was interested in I thought to myself well we all know there is no " Best Razor " that is best to all! The only reason I voted for one razor was based on finish only because most of us know that answer as most would agree but that's the only thing I felt that was worthy of a comment as far as saying it's the best! Yes I could list my personal favorites from that group only as those were the only razors he was asking about so why bring in other razors into the conversation.
    There's another old saying it's called " 2nd Pig thinking "

    I have nothing to add to this thread other than what I already stated so I'm outta here.
  6. I just started with the Timeless .95, and dig it, so it gets my vote. Of all the razors I've owned, it gives me the most efficient shave that is super smooth too. The OC plate, to me, is the smoothest and, supposedly, the most efficient. Win/win.

    Also, the owners run the company very well: Great customer service and inventory.

    I am sticking with it for 2019, because a few hundred dollars seems like the right number to me at this point. If the others above it are markedly better, then I am missing out, but it doesn't feel that way now. Ignorance is bliss sometimes I reckon :)
  7. On my rotation Barbaros TR-02 and ATT S1
  8. I had my time with the Timeless .95 OC but in the end it was too smooth, and too little blade feel. It wasn't going beyond my R41 and was around the same as my Fatip OC head on a heavier handle. If I'm going to splash out on a high end razor it has to be at least as efficient as my R41. Considering my next step - I may just stay with my R41 and various GEMs but eying up Rocca or Karve OC....
  9. Makes sense. I like the R41 too. In fact, there is nothing close to it for the money. I may tire of the .95's ease of use and want more at some point, but we shall see.
  10. For me: Rex, Rocnel, Pils, ATT
  11. For $7, the Yaqi Beast is hard to beat for pure value. I prefer it to the R41. Of course YMMV.

    I think of the R41 as rather expensive considering the build quality (or lack thereof). The Ikon Tech shaves much closer for me and should last pretty much forever. It was originally $70 new but now new ones are selling on auction sites for around $200 (give or take $50). Used ones go a bit lower. That places it on par with some of the high-end razors, which I think is fair given what it delivers.

    Several high-end razors out perform the R41 in my book but then I'm not a fan of the R41.
  12. Those familiar with very high end shotguns, have likely encountered the term "best". As an example, and to give perspective, if you commissioned the construction of a new James Purdey & Sons today, be prepared to open your wallet for at least $150,000. If you enjoy forums, be prepared for endless discussions on what exactly constitutes "best". What's fascinating, is they read almost exactly like this column. "My $700 LC Smith will shoot birds as good as that $85,000 Boss. Why isn't it a best?"

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