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Where to buy Knize Ten Products?

Hey guys, I got a sample of the knize Ten and loved it. I found their website, overseas, and see that they have a few different products including a shaving soap :tongue: . I can't seem to find it here other than the EDT at strawberry.net.

Anyone know where to get it?

Knize Ten is crazy. The EDT is unlike anyting else, and must be handled in small quantities, lest nuclear meltdown occur.

I don't speak German, but this looks promising:

Colonial Drug in Boston has it in stock, too! I think they may have a good section of the product line, since I just purchased the shaving soap and deodorant from them. Quick shipment, too!

Caswell Massey was the sole US importer of Knize products. But, they discontinued importing it a few mths ago. To the best of my knowledge there is no new US importer and wahtever is left in the US is "previous/old" stock. You can buy Ten as well Sec, Forest and others here:

Darren, not yet, but they're working on one, as I understand it.

Give them a call at:

Colonial Drug
49 Brattle Street, Harvard Square
Cambridge , MA 02138

tel: 617-864-2222

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