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When It All Times Out

I've been making purchases here and there, expanding my collection of razors and soaps and what have you. Curious buys and knowing refills and planned purchases.

Lo and behold....a smorgasbord of items just happened to arrive in a combination of international and domestic shipping...and some good timing. Take a look!

All together it's a lot of Gillette razors from the Bay - an English O2 Black Beauty, a Tech from the 40s and a SupersSpeed.

Along with them is a ZY DE razor...and interesting piece that has open comb on one side, and a closed comb on the other.

Then the soaps. The tin is a cheapo soap from China. Very citrus and flowery scent. The pucks are my beloved Country Heart in Lilac and (new for me) Sandlewood. Then a Williams Mug puck. The little square bins are an experiment from Country Heart...Pam is trying to create a soft soap.

Then finally we have a pair of Big Ben boxes and a J.R. Torrey razor.

It All came this evening. I'm looking forward to trying them all out!
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