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What's your Tropical Shave?

Tough call…I have a lot of tropical scents.

Top three would probably be…
South Padre by Stirling
Bonaire by Oleo
Lime by Captain’s Choice
(Runner up Stirling’s Iced Pineapple)
Apr passione or bombora

Bombora didn’t do it for me but I really, really like Passione. I have the EdT as well and will be sad when I run out of that scent.
Turtleship’s coconut soap (croap?) is really wonderful. The almond oil in it reminds me of Cella, almost like if Cella made a coconut scented soap. Coconut water Thayers WH is a nice finishing touch. Makes me smell like a macaroon 🥥 🍪
ARKO & RazoRock Blue label worked wonders on my Thanksgiving Caribbean trip.
I would also recommend:
Captain’s Choice Island Time
Stirling Satsuma


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This thread is such a good idea...someone should start one for: What's your winter spicy shave? ...AND... What's your ocean air aquatic shave?
My southern tropical shave fragrance was Razorock Don Marco soap(nice Citrus scent) with Italian barber Amici aftershave (red grape fruit & other citrus scents) today.
For a tropical feel, anything with a Bay rum scent.

For actual tropical weather a clean light soap like MdC is best.
I think I have an unused puck of Stirling coconut laying around. So that would be my first choice for what I have.

If I couldn't find it. I'd probably bring my Stirling Deep Blu Sea soap and pair it with the Deep Blu Sea aftershave I have.
My tropical shave is out on the terrace, wearing a lungi/sarong and tee shirt, mirror hanging from a nail, a stool on the side which had these on it today: a small bowl of cold water to wet my face, yardley elegance shave cream, pearl synthetic brush in a steel mug, filarmonica #10 smiling 4/8, a few strips of newspaper to wipe the lather on, an alum block. I did use a biotique bio wild grass after shave balm after coming indoors.

Luckily, no mosquitoes today, and plenty of song birds around the neighbor's pond.
For me, besides straight up Proraso Green, I like:
TOBS Lime Zest
GFT Lime Skin Food
Clubman Citrus Musk
And, a bamboo handle on the Vector!
Where I live we have received an usually large amount of snow this year. Now that its finally gone, every single day has been dogged with pouring rain. To help brighten my day, I've created special date days with my girlfriend where we do activities that make us feel like we are in the tropics. Visiting the Honolulu Coffee shop, walking through the conservatory filled with parrots and other exotic birds, and of course my favourite, going to the local Tiki bar.

To help put me in the mood for all this, I try and dress for the occasion (a coral coloured Hawaiian shirt). While I greatly enjoy all this, I realized today that I forgotten one of the aspects I always enjoy before a vacation: the pre-vacation shave. So like many other people here, I went shopping for a new aftershave, soap, and cologne that helps fit this tropical beach vacation 'vibe'. With all the options out there though, I must admit I felt conflicted over what to purchase. Should I try and get matching scents? Bay rum all around? Or mix it up with lighter fruit scented soaps and aftershave, and a richer/deeper cologne (or vice versa).

My question to you then is this; what do you prefer to use that is more summertime/tropical? If you haven't tried to create a tropical themed set yet, what would you use to create it? While I of course want to pick everyones brain here for advice, I also think its a fun little game to come up with this sort of 'set'.

Stirling “Island Man” and matching splash, or Ariana Evans “Cuban Highball” + the splash ! Really feels like Tropical to me😎
I use Bay Rum multiple times a week and some consider it a tropical scent. But when I think tropical, I think Stirling Coconut Lime soap and aftershave. I think they nailed a great scent with that combo.
Living in Florida "is" my tropical shave. <Eg> (evil grin) :devil:
I live in Florida as well. Tropical is a well worn theme here .This was a tropical shave I had last august in Key West

Shave in Key West
Fishing was slow but we got a couple Dolphins (Mahia Mahia)
Biggest fish was a narly baraccuda.

Preshave: Shower
Razor prewar Tech
Blade: GSB
Soap: DR Harris cream sandalwood. first time used. Very good scent.
Brush: PAA Peregrino
Balm Stirling unscented balm
Colgne: Harverfrod EDT

Zingari Man Coconut Nanas. Instantly transports me to a tropical setting. The scent is too good. I also love Zingari Man Gypsy soap/balm as a summer combo.
Cremo Coconut Mango...
Followed up with Hoyt's Cologne or, sometimes, Florida Water.
For the full experience, I would prefer to use one of my straight razors in order to slow down to a languid pace.
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