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What's your Tropical Shave?

Where I live we have received an usually large amount of snow this year. Now that its finally gone, every single day has been dogged with pouring rain. To help brighten my day, I've created special date days with my girlfriend where we do activities that make us feel like we are in the tropics. Visiting the Honolulu Coffee shop, walking through the conservatory filled with parrots and other exotic birds, and of course my favourite, going to the local Tiki bar.

To help put me in the mood for all this, I try and dress for the occasion (a coral coloured Hawaiian shirt). While I greatly enjoy all this, I realized today that I forgotten one of the aspects I always enjoy before a vacation: the pre-vacation shave. So like many other people here, I went shopping for a new aftershave, soap, and cologne that helps fit this tropical beach vacation 'vibe'. With all the options out there though, I must admit I felt conflicted over what to purchase. Should I try and get matching scents? Bay rum all around? Or mix it up with lighter fruit scented soaps and aftershave, and a richer/deeper cologne (or vice versa).

My question to you then is this; what do you prefer to use that is more summertime/tropical? If you haven't tried to create a tropical themed set yet, what would you use to create it? While I of course want to pick everyones brain here for advice, I also think its a fun little game to come up with this sort of 'set'.

My staples for summer are Proraso green and Arko paired with Lemon colonya.

For the tropical vibe I would pick some Wickham 1912 Club Cola and Bay Rum.
I would say that living in the Tropical area of Florida, my regular go to is MDC soaps or Proraso Blue shave cream followed by a splash of Myrsol Formula C.
easy...so many tropical choices!!
lime is a favorite!

My summer soap is Stirling Coconut Lime. Reminds me of sunblock a little bit for some reason haha, but it's nice.

I really want to try a sample of PAA The Beach at some point. The scent notes seem super interesting. "Scent Profile: It's not just one thing like salt or tanning lotion, but a complex blend of ozone, sand, organic matter, an ice cream truck, Bo Derek, a cocktail, even the sounds of Sade's "Smooth Operator" blasting out of the stereo system of the cabana." (copied from the website).
Some of my summer staples are
Soap: Stirling Margaritas in the Arctic, Captains Choice Bay Rum
Aftershave: Bootlegger's Bay Rum, Pinaud Clubman Lime Sec
EDT: Aqua di Parma Colonia, Issey Miyake l'Eau d'Issey pour homme
Coincidentally one of the aftershave samples that I received from Captain's Choice today is Island Time. Rubbing some on the back of my hand and taking a whiff brought me instantly to a Caribbean island. Scent is reminiscent of a Miami Vice cocktail (if your familiar with this drink widely served in tropical areas). There's got to be some bay rum in there somewhere, as rum is used in the Miami Vice.


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Great thread!

Pre-shave: Cold water splash and OPR Bay Rum shave soap.
Soap: Black Ship Grooming Tortuga
Post-shave: Cold water splash and Lucky Tiger face tonic
Aftershave: Captain's Choice Island Time splash
Cologne: Murray and Lanman Florida Water
I use TFS Mandarino Tachibana and Stirling Evie for those days which require a bit of zest and pick me up feeling.

Both are refreshing scents and I enjoy using them on those Grey days as well.
Great question!! Dreaming of the tropics on these bleak winter days!

My tropical software: Fine Italian citrus soap and splash! :thumbup1:


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In the summer I often pair Martin de Candre Agrumes with St. John's West Indian lime.
Many years ago I took a can of Gillette Tropical Coconut shave foam with me to India on a business trip as I thought maybe I might enjoy using that product in what seemed to be an appropriate environment. No such luck - the perfume wasn't enough to surmount my dislike for aerosol shave foam.
For a summer shave (Having worked in the tropics long enough, I associate ‘tropical’ also with hot, humid, damp, decay, and lots of perspiration. In short, not necessarily my favourite climate. :wink2:) I like citrusy scents, like orange, lemon, lime, and bergamot (one of my favourites). The likes of Floïd and Myrsol work very well too and light touches of menthol are fine, but Proraso is just not ‘my thing’ and way too overpowering.

Brush of choice might very well be a boar brush, as they work well in summer conditions and are the preferred brush in the Mediterranean (which I much prefer over the tropics).

For a tropics (themed) shave it might as well be a synthetic brush, because in some parts of the tropics things are notoriously hard to dry and badger brushes don’t like that. :w00t:

I do like the gin and tonic idea :thumbup1:, not so much for shaving - more for 🥃 in the spirit of the malaria prophylaxis in the British Empire.

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I tend to bring my stirling electric sheep to the tropics now the glacial to stay fresh and cool. But this is also practical

For home tropical feeling I would go for a pineapple coconut scent more akin captains choice uh island time
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