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What's your favorite Spy movie?

I really enjoyed the first Bourne Identity. Still haven't gotten around to reading the book.

I also enjoyed The Recruit back in the day. Sneakers is really good too.
I really enjoyed the Ipcress File a lot (Harry Saltzman, the co-producer of the Bond movies wanted to make a "real" spy movie). Recent movies, A Most Wanted Man was pretty excellent. And for classics (1960's isn't classic to me) Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious is an excellent and suspenseful spy movie.


I smell like a Christmas pudding
Red Sparrow

I learned the right way to tie a scarf from watching this movie.
Until then, I tied it the incorrect, New England, pseudointellectual way.
(Gru, on the left)
After watching Red Sparrow, I tie them the correct European way.
(His brother on the right)

How to tie a scarf is a topic that comes up from time to time.
I bought some cheap counterfeit cashmere scarves (acrylic)
and converted some friends. You have to experience it
to appreciate the difference.
I guessed Russians might know more about this kind of cold weather thing.
Three Days of the Condor was a fantastic movie.. I may need to watch it again. I also like the Jack Reecher movies and the TV series. Ditto Jason Bourne. Altho not specifically a spy movie, The Accountant was a great film.
Arabesque is a great old movie. Gregory Peck and Sophia Loren.

I was going to say Charade, which is by the same director, Stanley Donen.

I'm not sure if it counts as a spy or organized crime film though; the boundaries are kind of fuzzy.

My favorite spy films are by Hitchcock probably: The 39 Steps, the Lady Vanishes, North by Northwest.
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