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What is your favorite lesser-known blade?


Dances with Wolfs
Sputnik blades are awesome. They are not widely used. But most that use them love them for their sharp and efficient shave. But they are really hard to find now.

I got some Sputnik tucks many years ago when I bought a 100 pack sampler with a bunch of different tucks of non-gillette brands. There were several tucks each of Sputnik, Lana's, and several different Rapiras. The Sputniks were the clear top dog of that bunch, and the only ones I really took a liking to. So I bought another couple hundred back then. Glad I did.

Amazingly good blades.
Going thru blades on a sample pack, some passed the first round that I didn't expect
Personna Platinum,Dorco(red) HQ, Treet Platinum, Derby Premium was a surprise after the Derby Extra (which was not nearly as good as I remembered). Lord Platinum is still in the running.
Gillette Platinum, and Wilkinson Sword are well known.
I suspect the Shark Super Chrome and Feather Platinum may fall on round 2. But since I have an adjustable, I can back them down a little.
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