What's Your Favorite Part Of The Day?

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by DEPenguin, Aug 11, 2019.

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    On it’s face the premise seems either too bloated with possibility or lacking in some kind of framework; we tend to lean toward structure, working or thinking within a timeline. To ask such a broad question may seem at once pointless and every so slightly compelling.

    It occurred to me this morning to pose this question. Many mornings have I mentally noted how much better I felt after my morning shower and shave. Sure, I (as many of you) enjoy my shave time now. I don’t allow myself to be concerned with time, just let myself become immersed in the masculine ritual of the process, the lather building, face lathering, and the productive/reductive daily practice of putting beveled steel to flesh.

    But it’s more than that.

    I can’t say I’m a ‘morning’ person, although I get started pretty darn early. Getting up and moving isn’t on my list of all-time loves. Every day brings with it a sunrise, and a new opportunity to learn, to achieve . . . to live. But living also requires responsibility, and our constant attentions until we lay our heads on our pillows again. I suppose I could say being upright and breathing everyday is pretty high on my list of faves, but I think, that, like breathing, is a given.

    The one point during the day I feel the best, like I’m okay with the world and feeling best about myself is when I finish getting dressed after my quiet and very individual sacrament of grooming. I know once I step out my door and put the truck in reverse there may be plenty of opportunities to slip off the path, and with each moment—especially during an Arizona summer—that morning freshness diminishes.

    But for me, knowing I am fresh, clean, and feeling relatively sharp—that has to be my favorite part of the day. How about you?
  2. Yes the morning is a special time of day. A time to start anew, time for new challenges, a chance to maybe correct previous mistakes we have made. Energy is hopefully come back to our overworked and over stressed bodies. Morning is my favorite time of day.
  3. Yawn.
  4. LOL ...... I’m that way till I have my coffee . Some days that doesn’t even work.
  5. The morning
  6. My favourite part of the day has always been when everyone else in the house has gone to bed and i've got hours to myself.
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    When I knock off work s my favourite part of the day.
  8. Further to that when i had jobs with three shifts, night shift was always my favourite, now and again wonder if i shouldn't make the flip of my day and night more permanent.
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    If it works better for you, then great! Lots of research on the pitfalls of working shifts contrary to our natural biorhythms. Even if you sleep well during the day (and many don't) there still isn't a way to counteract circadian misalignment. All kinds of cognitive functions are affected long-term, and a host of potential phusical ailments as well.

    I can absolutely understand what's nice about having relative peace when doing your job, but I'm not sure I'd want to deal with the long term consequences--but that's just me.
  10. Brother Penguin,

    A three way tie: the morning shave resulting in a close and comfortable experience, enjoying a tender moment with my spouse, and falling into a sound sleep after a productive day.
  11. DEPenguin

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    Very nice list, santamariasteve! Someday I hope to find me a good woman to share those moments with.
  12. when the brush hits the soap.
  13. Morning!! :a14::a14:
  14. I like the morning, I have a cup of strong loose leaf tea brought to me in bed. Each sip makes me feel better. I have a play with my adorable little 3 year old then get up and into the shower.
    I have a great close straight razor shave and leave the bathroom clean, clear headed and relaxed. My next favourite time is around 8pm, the day is done, everyone has gone to bed so I generally have a whisky or two and smoke a cigar.
  15. Man , I love all you had to say . But please tell me how you get tea served in bed .
  16. DEPenguin

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    That's a pretty good way to live! Kudos to you :001_smile
  17. Ha i tell my girl, that in the old days the first thing to be fed was the horse as he was needed most to do all the work. I tell her I am that horse. I’ll go out into the world alone and early, work hard all day and come home with the bacon. I’ll pay every bill she can have what she needs, she doesn’t have to work or do anything except the housework and to look after our little girl and make me a cup of tea in the morning, and if she ever felt that she had the ****ty end of the stick and that if she ever wanted to reverse our roles I’d happily swap. She doesn’t complain and I get my tea.
  18. By far my favorite part of the day is when I come home and my kids run to me and hug me yelling: daddy is home!!, and my wife (by the kitchen finishing up dinner) turns her head and gives me a smile and tells the kids: leave your dad, he is tired and hungry, and we sit to have dinner together! After that is shower and shave!!
  19. I feel this. Worked nights for 8 years and really miss the quite that came with it. Unfortunately it wasnt the best for making a life. I just stay up on the weekends now
  20. Early mornings before sunup when the world is my own.

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