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What tin/jar are you cracking?


Wiped out at 25
Germains Medium Flake - "Pipe tobacco made with selected red and golden tobaccos."

Notes say I was PIFfed it in Oct '18, so at least three years on it. When I opened it wowser. Sweet. Grassy. Sweet. Figs/dates. One of the best tin notes I've had. Don't know how they slice flakes that thin, more like an aligned ribbon cut sticking together. Fold & stuffed a few strands into the B&B LE 21. Easy light, stayed lit. Grassy flavor, grass and sweetness on retrohale. No bite. Gotta find more, SP is out...

Germain’s seems to always be a home run. Very hard to get, sadly.
I just opened some Pegasus. I've been hearing how it's a boutique version of the old codger blends. Not hardly! Yeah, they're both burley based, but I didn't see what they were talking about. I found no similarities. Still good, but not what I was expecting.
I have a 7 oz. tub of Granger in the closet, and the tin of C & D's Alpine Lodge that was the freebie along with my Peterson Arklow 606. That I'll open tomorrow or Saturday.

Aside from tins, JC sent me a bagged ounce each of Sutliff's Black Cordial and of Lane 1-Q. I'll get to those this break, I'm sure.
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