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What tin/jar are you cracking?




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Ive always been interested in Sunset Harbor Flake due to Mike from Pipe and Tamper basicallyu injecting it into his veins. I finally purchased a tin, to round out a free shipping order.

So first smoke of the Sunset Harbor Flake. I dont think i care for it. Im going to say it is really oriental forward. I dont taste any latakia at all. I know this is a balkan mix, but it has a very cigarette taste, which i can only assume is the Izmir. Ill give it a go in another pipe, but so far, no go.


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I recently picked up a 4 oz. sample of MacBaren Mixture: Scottish. (Why don't they just call it Scottish Mixture?) Tried it today for the first time, mild if you don't smoke it too fast, light aromatic. I only smoked half a bowl while out running errands, but it seems to have some promise.
First time trying GLP Jack Knife Plug. Cracked a tin I've had for 5 years. The tin note was more impressive than the tobacco, but this wouldn't be the first VA blend that grew on me with subsequent bowls.
Germains Medium Flake - "Pipe tobacco made with selected red and golden tobaccos."

Notes say I was PIFfed it in Oct '18, so at least three years on it. When I opened it wowser. Sweet. Grassy. Sweet. Figs/dates. One of the best tin notes I've had. Don't know how they slice flakes that thin, more like an aligned ribbon cut sticking together. Fold & stuffed a few strands into the B&B LE 21. Easy light, stayed lit. Grassy flavor, grass and sweetness on retrohale. No bite. Gotta find more, SP is out...
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