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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

6/8 Kolibri Hummingbird Straight

Had a very close a fairly comfortable shave with this European Straight.I am gone to refresh the edge a little.My against the grain pass had to much resistance for my liking. Not sure of Country of origin. If I had to guess Austria or Germany. rps20191021_171135_618(1).jpg


And I got a new prop to use today seeing Halloween is just around the corner....

The Living Dead Strikes
Red Imp 133 5/8th Morris Germany
RazoRock Stallion
Yaqi Purple Haze Mew Brown Synthetic
Blue Stratos EDT

First time using this Red Imp and its taken a wicked edge, off an Ozaki Asagi Jnat 2 pass and a BBS well happy.
This was a first use of the yaqi purple haze synthetic, and I dont like the knot so might pull it and put a 2 band badger in its place...

View attachment 1027848
Way to go nice Halloween 👻 spirit!


NOS Gens 50 and Rudy Vey. View attachment 1027490
Sunday morning shave with Ali's Blade Chopper 65, 8/8. I'm also using a new soap from Murphy & McNeil in collaboration with Black Mountain Shaving. It contains bear tallow, in addition to beef tallow, duck fat, goat milk, and a bunch of butters. It doesn't smell like bear and performs very well.

View attachment 1027492
Todays Shave
William's Special Razor Co. Sheffield
RazoRock xXx
Rubberset 400/4 Vie-Long 24mm Horse Hair knot
Irish moos Aftershave

View attachment 1027534
Leopard 85. I really enjoy this razor View attachment 1027624
Sunday's Shave
'7/8 in Acrylic'
View attachment 1027667
View attachment 1027678
Koraat 7/8. Cocobolo scales.
Such beautiful razors! They would all be perfect additions to my small collection... it's Christmas in two months.:em2400:


It came. That's all I'm saying...
7/8” Rigarazor
Rick Montalvo

French Point got my earlobe right out of the wrapper. Other than that, AWESOME!


Todays Shave

J R Torrey Full Double Concave
RazoRock xXx
Yaqi Purple Haze 24mm 2 band finest badger
Avon Mesmerize Aftershave

Well the Yaqi Purple Haze was a Synthetic that was way to soft for me, so I pulled it and now its sporting a 2 band finest badger much better
So now have a fine line up and a DFS with 2 pass shave