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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES



It’s an Robeson Shuredge NuBack razor for me today. It’s another I’ve had for awhile that just laid in the drawer without receiving any attention. I’ve been honing a razor everyday on my Coticule to get practice and develop my muscle memory and honing skills. I must say I’m pleased with the results I have been able to achieve using one stone from start to finish. It’s been rewarding to receive edges that are keen and shave very comfortable to my standard
Great Day Smooth Shaves
“Tal como o poeta William Blake, sinto-me incapaz de distinguir entre a eternidade e aquela breve partícula de tempo” Erling Kagge

“As William Blake the poet, I feel not capable to distinguish eternity from that brief time particle” by Erling Kagge

Pré Musgo Real
Soap Musgo Real
ASB Toleriane Ultra + 444 geleia

Enviado do meu iPhone usando o Tapatalk


Heljestrand M.K. No.32. I call this specimen “The Lady”. Due to personal reasons she’s very special to me and always will be. I’ve got three spare 32’s, two of them in ivory. As all 32’s they are truly great razors, among the very best, but this one is The One that I’ll keep as long as I live as a memory of the love of my life. Life is often too short, time heals grief, but true love is eternal.

cvh mk32 (2).jpg